productive meetings
productive meetings

Surely, at some time you have had unproductive work meetings, and you have left them with the feeling of having wasted your time. Without making anything clear…

If you want your meetings not to be a waste of time, whether you are the one who organizes them or if you are an attendee, you must know how to manage them properly.

To do this, in this post we leave a series of tips to organize productive meetings and we will also leave you a series of tools that will help you in the management.

How to have more productive work meetings?

One of the factors to consider is the preparation and advance planning by the organizer. On the other hand, considering that you are taking other people’s time, it is important that you do it as efficiently as possible.

That is, do not make them too long, because the attendees will not take the same attention as if you do it in an hour or less without a break.

In addition to the duration, here are other tips to keep in mind to create productive meetings (if you are the one who organizes the meeting):

  • Prepare the meeting with a goal: The reason for a meeting must be clear, it must have a purpose, whether it is to seek a solution, follow up on a strategy or make a decision.
  • Send the agenda a day before to the attendees: Do the participants not know what the meeting is going to be about? That’s a big mistake. Both parties must previously prepare the issues to be discussed for it to be effective. And, for that, the organizer must send the participants an agenda at least one day before (in the next point we recommend a tool for it).
  • Invite the necessary people: Think carefully about who is essential for the meeting, and do not invite just to invite. Also, see if what you’re going to talk about is something you can discuss in an email, which will only take a few minutes (and not several hours like a meeting will take).
  • Moderate the meeting: The organizer of the meeting must assume the role of moderator to focus it on the objectives set. This will avoid awkward silences and all members will be able to participate.
  • Write a summary: On the one hand, the organizer must write a summary of what was exposed to share it with other colleagues who did not attend. On the other hand, the participants must also take notes to take action and solve problems.
  • Assign tasks before finishing: Normally, after a discussion, ideas are proposed. Try to distribute the tasks that are going to be executed to each one of the assistants. Who will take care of each task?
  • Both the organizer and the attendee must be prepared: Although the organizer has more weight in the meeting, the participants must also assume their responsibility to achieve productive meetings. If he is not motivated and does not put interest, that time invested will not be worth anything.

Tools to make your meetings more productive

Did you know that there are tools and apps that can help you have productive meetings? Although in a meeting there is nothing better than taking notes with pencil and paper, it is also useful to use a laptop or mobile to use tools and apps to improve productivity .

Here are some useful tool ideas:

1. Mindmeister

This tool allows you to create agendas to share with your attendees hours or days before the meeting. Thanks to the possible creation of mental maps with Mindmeister , you will be able to share your project plans in a much more visual way.

Best of all, these maps can be edited collaboratively and in real time. And so that the ideas do not remain in the air, Mindmeister gives you the option of using MeisterTask for task management.

2. Clickmeeting

Believe it or not, online meetings can also be unproductive. Therefore, it is necessary that you help yourself with solid videoconferencing tools that speed up the process of communication with your co-workers, through videoconferences.

In this case, we want to talk about software for online meetings, which you can customize with your brand. It’s all about Clickmeeting ! With this software you can gather up to 25 attendees, organize team meetings, make presentations and save on travel costs.

3.Team Meeting Checklist

Through this easy-to-complete form, you will be able to check if you have everything ready to hold your meeting and make it effective. For example, if the participants will receive a report 24 hours after the meeting, if the objectives are marked or if the important ideas will be summarized in a document or email, these are some points that you should check.

After filling out the Team Meeting Checklist form , you can send it to each participant to generate an engagement with them.

4. is an easy to use tool, which has a free and paid version. This will help you generate minutes, with the idea of ​​summarizing in them what has been decided at the meeting and specifying who will be in charge of developing each task.

In addition, you can then send the minutes by email so that everyone has a clear view of the conclusions of the meeting, as well as the tasks entrusted to each one. Without a doubt, it is a sure way to make your meetings productive.

5.Team Meeting Timer

If your biggest weakness is that you talk too much and do not control time well in meetings, here is the perfect solution with this timer. You just have to open Team Meeting Timer from your browser and set the duration of the meeting.

Ideally, if you use a projector, you put it on it so that everyone knows the time they have to propose their ideas, ask any questions or suggest something.


That a meeting is short does not mean that it is productive, because it is possible that in a long meeting nothing is clear. Therefore, what it is about is making the most of the time to work towards achieving specific objectives.

The success of a meeting falls on both parties; organizer and attendees. On the one hand, the organizer must prepare and plan the meeting correctly and have a purpose. However, sometimes there are factors external (to the organizer) that make a meeting unproductive.

A simple distraction of the attendee, his lack of preparation in the topics to be discussed or his lack of punctuality can shake the meeting. However, if you keep these tips in mind and use these tools, your meetings will undoubtedly be much more productive. Do the test!