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After analyzing the errors ecommerce common often held at the time of introducing electronic commerce, in the continuation of the article will find some useful tips for the presence of your company on the Internet is performed successfully .

Being on the Internet is important, yes. But developing our website from the wrong perspective, or not taking into account essential elements from the point of view of usability and the user’s online shopping experience can cause the expected results to never arrive.

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When creating our online store , it is essential to have a clear home page that we are going to have and how to structure the categories that we have. One of the mistakes that is usually made in any electronic commerce is to overload the main page . When we find pages with heavy funds, it affects the importance of the main elements of the web.

When you are considering the structural design of your website , it is important that you think from the user’s point of view . What information is important to display? How to navigate intuitively to find what I am looking for? Make your list of key questions to answer them.


This point is related to the previous one. The architecture of the web could be defined as all those elements that make up a web page and how they relate to each other . A complicated structure makes its usability difficult, causing the user to lose interest in and abandon our site . Imagine that you enter a website to buy some shoes … and you are unable to find what you are looking for! Wouldn’t you run away? That is exactly what we have to avoid, and at all times make it easier for the person who is in our e-commerce to navigate both our website and the purchase process.

On the other hand , a bad web structure can affect our SEO positioning. Why? Simple: Google (the search engine par excellence) will find it really difficult to reach all our pages if our structure is made up of more than 3 levels of depth . This is because the Google robot that is responsible for crawling web pages has a limited time to do it. The more levels, the ‘deeper’ the web will be and th


The main objective of an electronic commerce is the sale, but if the products available on the web are accompanied by images with low quality (pixelated) it will make consumers not see the product in detail and do not want to make the purchase due to this error, being able go to the competition to buy the same product. Arm yourself with a camera and upload the best photos to your online store!

Prestashop WooCommerce and have predetermined dimensions of which can be configured by the user in the tool panel. By default, Woocommerce establishes that the images of products uploaded to an e-commerce are of 640px x 640px . On the other hand, the weight of the images is an aspect to take into account, since the slowdown of the website may depend on it . But do not worry! If you want to upload images with less weight but still maintain their good quality, you can use an image compressor online that you can find on the Internet. Take a look at High Compress !


Differentiation is the greatest opportunity we have to obtain more and better clients. We must create a value proposition that makes us different from our competition, because if we are all the same, why are they going to buy from me instead of the competition? The best thing you can do is to ‘flip’ your idea and stand out from the rest!

Always think like a user, if you are looking for a specific product, don’t you appreciate a descriptive text that provides more information?It’s that simple, the product descriptions help us to complete the purchase, in addition to differentiating ourselves from the competition. Of course, these descriptions must add value . In other words, they must be well written and provide us with product characteristics … in addition to having a logical extension!

If long texts are created, most consumers may not read it or leave the text in half. The descriptive text of the product will be better if it is brief, concise and simple . That at a glance you know what you need from the product! It is also important that keywords related to the product are included in your written text and that in turn you are interested in using it to position yourself.


We have already said it on countless occasions … ‘measure, measure and measure’ is the key ! For this, it is essential:

Correctly configure the e-commerce section of Analytics , which will give us a lot of relevant information
Present A / B tests in several ‘waves’
Use heat maps to know where users click
Detect which are the best sources to generate conversions: for that it may be interesting to use the Google URLs creator, which will give us “exact” data in “campaigns”


Make a web r esponsive is mandatory if we want to position ourselves well in Google, as well as ecommerce as any other site. For quite some time now, most purchases have been made from the mobile, beating the computer . That is why it is essential that our online store adapts to any device, something that, if we opt for a CMS such as WordPress or Prestashop, will come integrated into any template that we acquire.


Amazon is one of the platforms that employs ‘one-step payment’ . This purchase system stands out for its simplicity and speed, for which it is increasingly used and demanded by users. Remember! That the method of purchasing in an ecommerce is not intuitive, implies the immediate abandonment of the purchase.

Thanks to Amazon’s one-step payment system, the customer is led directly to payment, increasing the possibility of final purchase.

Did you know that Prestashop and Woocommerce offer modules and plugins about this function? We advise you to take a look at WooCommerce Direct Checkout .


In the last phase of the conversion funnel, there are a large number of purchase abandonments. One strategy is to offer a ‘flash’ discount for all those (registered) users who have had a product in their shopping cart for 24 hours . In this way, the user is encouraged to finalize the purchase he started.

If you are interested in this functionality, Prestashop offers the Ve Module, Converts dropouts into conversions and WooCommerce is not far behind with Yith Woocommerce Recover Abandoned Cart .

Ah! Did you know that Mailchimp also has an option to manage abandoned carts ? Through the tool we can send emails to those registered users who have abandoned the purchase process. Do you want to know how to do it? Mailchimp itself takes you out of doubt in its guide to automation .


Before opting for one or the other platform, it is important to be clear about the compatibility with the ERP that we have contracted , especially if it is a physical store that wants to expand its distribution channels to the Internet. Among the most frequent errors are the connectors between the ERP and the online platform (Prestashop, Woocommerce, Magento …), as well as the synchronization processes (bidirectional between physical store and online, although we can also find cases where it does not occur and it has to be implemented manually, which makes the process tortuous and inefficient).


Below we provide you with a series of tips so that through your electronic commerce you increase your SEO positioning.

Web page
Before preparing the project we must determine our sales approach. If we have decided to only focus on Spain , it is recommended to use a .es domain , if instead our project will be worldwide we recommend choosing .net or .com
The contracted server must have its data center in the same country where we are going to sell our products.
Our ecommerce must be responsive . If not, we must have two versions: one focused on mobile devices and the other for the web
Onpage optimization : we must take into account the following aspects:
Loading speed (minimize the use of Javascripts)
Internal link structure
SEO descriptions of products
Include search engine on the web
URL cannibalizations: we must use URLs with different names
Friendly URLs (that are readable)
A / B test
User experience
Strategy offpage : link building , social media optimization, SEO Local, advertising actions outside the site such as other media online / offline


Although it may seem like a thing of yesteryear, today there are still people reluctant to buy online . Therefore, it is essential to make use of different elements / strategies that help users to place trust in your website to carry out purchases online.

Verified Reviews
Quality seals
Return policy always in sight
Visible contact phone number
Payment gateways
Secure payment
Media appearances


Any web page must be designed for the user , he must be the ‘king’ when carrying out the approach of using our electronic commerce. If we take into account a minimum of details that will help us make our site much more complete, we assure you that your objectives will gradually be met. On the contrary, if you only focus on ‘hanging products’ on your website without thinking about its usability and incorporating different digital marketing techniques … you won’t get very far . We encourage you to try / incorporate the tips we have collected in this post!