Design an app

It is proven, statistically it is something undeniable; companies will allocate much more budget during this 2015 to the creation of mobile advertising and to design an App. Specifically, 77% of them , and this advertising will go mostly through Apps.

Let’s keep in mind that when something is a trend in the US, it doesn’t take long for it to spread to other countries, especially Spain. In businesses related to the company and promotion, such as an advertising agency, they are the ones who have a slight (overwhelming) advantage, and that is why it is normal that we follow their example in a short period of time.

I am aware that many of you may have considered the possibility of having your own professional company App. You do very well ! That means that you know the benefit of having it, and although I cannot lead by example, I can assure you that if you do it correctly and have patience, the results will be noticeable.

Having an App offers certain advantages to those who have it compared to those who do not. It is well known that the trend in the use of mobile devices is “in crescendo” among companies and SMEs, since it offers a browsing experience through the corporate website from any point and at any time. What if people could access your e-commerce from the subway or the dentist’s office?This only translates into one word: BENEFITS.

For all this, I want to give you some guidelines and optimization tools so that, at least, you begin to consider your App.

Creativity, design and programming

Do not be scared, that “programming” is not as much as it seems. The fundamental thing is that you have in mind the idea for your App. The clearer you have that idea, the easier it will be to carry it out. And for that I am going to present you with a series of tools that, thanks to their simplicity, will allow you to interconnect images and text to obtain a professional result.

Take paper and pencil. Let’s do the Wireframe

The Wireframe or sketch is basically just that, a sketch of your App. This process is really fun, since it allows you to easily touch up the App a thousand times just by using an eraser.

Every App worth its salt must be put on paper before using the tools that create it. For this reason, it is essential that you begin to structure it and modify each aspect that does not convince you until you find the definitive one that you fall in love with.

The objective of all this is to be able to visualize the distribution of the space, the prioritization of the contents, and the available functionalities. Carrying out this step carefully and patiently can save you a lot of costs in subsequent design and development, as well as always expanding on the ideas you initially had in mind.

Tools to create your App

Pop App

A tremendously functional tool that is available for IOS, Android and Windows Phone. It has a multitude of features to provide your App with transitions, tools and links.

But what makes this tool really special is that you can use the mobile camera to take a photo of your sketch and provide it with interactions with which to navigate through the different screens. Something extremely interesting for quick checks.

With you can provide your Apps with very elaborate animations and apply them to any element on the screen. It is the most complete tool that I propose, since it is focused on creating more complex applications and, therefore, more complete, since it offers many more features.


No, it’s not about The Avengers doing programming. It is a very useful tool that converts your drafts into prototypes with inserted objects and others that can be linked to other pages that you have designed. So you can see a result that is closest to the application you had in mind. It lets you insert photos from the gallery so you can customize it as much as possible.