content strategy
content strategy

For a company to be successful in communicating both its specific actions and news, as well as its promotions (and a long etc.), it must have a well-armed content strategy and an editorial calendar planned .

What does this mean? Nowadays many of us can get confused with this aspect, since the fact of having a presence in social networks does not imply having a predefined content marketing strategy. Being on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram, without having defined who we are targeting, what kind of message we want to communicate, how often and for what purposes, simply will not help us at all, neither in the short nor in the long term.

For this reason, if you still do not have a clear and defined plan, it is convenient that you read this post to know what focuses you should aim for to be successful when it comes to communicating and putting together an effective content strategy.

Questions to define a content strategy

If you have already decided, but do not know where to start, it is essential that you know the terms in content marketing well and that you consider each of the following points step by step before starting (or your marketing efforts will have been in vain):

Who is my audience?

It is essential whenever you want to communicate, to know who you are targeting, or in more marketing terms; meet the audience .

When we talk about target audience, we are not referring to segmenting according to gender, age, profession, or any other criteria, but to studying the audience in a broader sense . For example, a company selling products or services can segment its target by customers, suppliers, future buyers, etc.

The person in charge of marketing must know how to present a content marketing plan to the boss, and create “the mapping” of the average profile of potential customers. In other words, she must create a profile of an imaginary consumer, with certain tastes, interests, thoughts, etc., that will guide when communicating.

Our imaginary profile must contain all the characteristics of our ideal client.

What is my goal? What do I want to achieve?

When you have defined your audience, it is time to consider your objective or goal, since all communication is directed to someone with a purpose.

We never communicate without an intention; It is not the same to want to generate traffic, improve SEO, reinforce branding or the image of the company, increase sales or retain customers. Therefore, the objective must be clear from the beginning, and you must guide communication towards its fulfillment.

You can have a single objective or several, that does not matter, the point is that you are very aware that these can vary at different times, which will lead you to rethink your content strategy.

What type of content do I want to transmit in my communications?

When developing the content, you have to be constant :

It is about never giving up and having a constant presence online and on social networks, publishing and generating content adapted to each network, but similar to create a sense of coherence.

With this advice , do not think that your content should not be varied , on the contrary, you should try to generate interest in the audience, so you should also vary the type of format of your weekly posts, the length, theme, images, etc.

The present is so rich that you must always be updated:

You must feed yourself from day to day to plan your strategy, know the situations, anecdotes, news, etc., so that the content is current. Look at the trending topic, the series that are in fashion, the news of the moment. There are always things happening around us that can inspire us, stay tuned!

Always try to be unique in everything you do:

It is very common to see content that we think we have already seen elsewhere, this is not because it is copied. Perhaps sometimes you will have to rely on the content of experts who have an advantage in the world to inspire you and generate your own content.

This fact does not imply that you stop being unique; If you do a good curation of content, making it yours in an original way, and trying to improve to catch your target, you will get a little closer to achieving your goal .

Will my content strategy have been profitable?

That this work has some fun does not mean that we do it on the spur of the moment without measuring results, because beyond all, the company generally invests in resources to recover that investment of time and money.

Numbers are just digits, if after parsing them we don’t do anything with them. Therefore, you have to measure the impact and repercussion of what you are doing; there may be something to modify in the content strategy, something to add, or something that needs to be further reinforced.

Tactics to measure results:

  • Track Facebook comments and likes, the number of followers, mentions and retweets achieved in a given time frame, and other social media metrics.
  • Measure how much traffic was generated on the blog or website with Google Analytics or WordPress statistics.
  • Know many KPI’s and other units of measurement .

The 3 rules of the communicator

Finally, and to be successful in what you do, you must think and reflect on these 3 rules that will define you as a good communicator:

  • Be patient : To generate a successful strategy, not only do you have to post weekly, this also involves building trust with the public, and this takes time.
  • Be flexible : Although sometimes the trend indicates one thing, the changes in the virtual landscape provide us with fundamental items that we must know how to decipher in order to adapt and gain in originality.
  • Knowing how to listen : Putting together a content strategy does not only imply having skills to be heard, but we must also listen. What are the needs of the “other side” to know how to provide adequate communications in a timely manner?