digital transformation

There is more and more talk about the digital transformation of businesses, but there are still many people who do not know what this process means or how it should be implemented.

Today this transformation is an essential step for all those companies that want to evolve and keep up to date. Online tools and new technologies are not just an option, right now they are the way to go if you want to be at the same point as users.

Knowing what it is and how it should be implemented is the first step to start working on the digital transformation of your business.

What is digital transformation?

This term refers to the process by which a company reorganizes its strategies and its work method in order to obtain greater profit after implementing new technologies.

The digital transformation aims to minimize costs, automate processes and maximize the efficiency of the company.

What is not digital transformation?

Big Data, mobility, the cloud and social businesses appear in the digital transformation, but this is the summary of all this. The transformation has to do with innovation, the value of services, improving the business model and differentiation.

Digitization is not having a profile on a social network, an online business or using your corporate image on the Internet. Using digital marketing, setting up a CRM, an e-commerce or creating banners for advertising campaigns is not synonymous with digitization. Not even computerize business processes.

Advantages it presents for your business

Digital transformation provides, thanks to the use of technology, new opportunities for business strategy. It is not based on the skills of the workers, but on the reinvention of any organization. It intends to use technology to achieve its business strategies and objectives.

The advantages it represents in your business are:

  • Generate different and new sources of income.
  • Offer new customer experiences.
  • Create a competitive and differentiating advantage.
  • Improve internal collaboration and operational efficiency.
  • Delve into data analysis or Big Data.
  • Promote a culture of renewal within the organization.
  • Allow a greater capacity to respond to changes in the markets.

How to implement digital transformation

The world changes at a dizzying pace. Customer behavior is different and, therefore, companies are forced to make great efforts to adapt and not get lost along the way.

When we talk about new technologies, in reality we are already talking about technologies that should sound like everyday and not like something distant. The cloud or social networks are as common as they are necessary. This same feeling was had in the last century with the appearance of the fax.

There are many people and companies that have profiles and pages on social networks such as LinkedIn or Facebook. Most businesses use online tools or email. But digital transformation is much more.

Human team

Without a doubt, it is one of the main actors so that digitization can be carried out. This change entails the abandonment of the comfort zone, therefore you will have to deal with various obstacles and reluctance.


To reach both your regular customers and new and potential customers, you are going to have to change the way you communicated until now, incorporating other means .

For example, social networks, a blog, a YouTube channel or a banner in magazines in your sector may be essential for the near future.


It is becoming more and more convenient and practical for us to upload documents and information to the cloud. The passage of time makes us lose the fear of being hacked and using this magnificent tool seems more useful every day. Do not forget it in your planning for digitization.

The tools are aimed at measuring values ​​and you have the obligation to transform them into successful strategies.


Innovation belongs to any department of a company and, on many occasions, derives from trial and error tests. You have to be aware that failure helps you and drives you to be better.

You have to pay attention to things that happen in real time, because users consume content the moment it happens: a clear example of this is the success of Periscope or live videos on Facebook.

You have to pay attention to any communication channel to get in touch with your target.

big data

It has always been said that information is power, well, Big Data is power.

No company wants to be left out of this digital revolution, but it is true that specialists are needed to digitize information.

Data is economic opportunity. All the systems that control the conglomerates of data, acquire more and more relevance. To prevent an intrusion into user data, it is necessary to create a product with extra added value and have maximum control of the information.


Digital transformation is not something that can be postponed. Users have already experienced it, and companies must do so too if they want to maintain close relationships with them.

It is not just an aspect related to communication or marketing. It is a way of understanding the business, of managing tasks and changing the way of producing. It is a way of adopting new technologies within the company and integrating them in all internal development.