automated marketing

Time is one of the most valuable resources of any professional or company. Knowing how to take advantage of it to get the most out of it is quite a challenge.

However, with the advancement of new technologies, especially automated marketing tools it is becoming easier to increase productivity and therefore obtain greater results in less time.

Would you like to know what automated marketing is, why it is essential in a business and what the tools we are talking about consist of? Let’s see it!

What is marketing automation?

That the market is changing is no secret. More and more companies have a presence on the Internet, work from home is imposed , consumer habits are advancing and, in short, all businesses are looking for ways to digitize/streamline their marketing processes.

It is not surprising that in a situation where digital and remote are gaining more weight, we talk about marketing automation.

As you are going to see now, this allows us to free ourselves from tasks that previously had to be done manually, investing huge amounts of time. Even others that were very complicated and that are now executed at the click of a button.

All this has led to a revolution in all sectors, and the prospects point to an even greater impact in the coming years.

Automated Marketing: Definition

In order to define what automated marketing is, we must first give a clear and simple explanation of what marketing is.

Marketing is that business area that is responsible for converting the traffic that we have captured through advertising or organic channels into leads and, later, with the help of the sales area, into customers.

Therefore, the automation of marketing processes means that all those actions that take part in the sequence that we have just described can be configured in different tools or software and be executed without human presence in an uninterrupted manner.

Of course, we must invest time in creating the entire system, its maintenance, analysis and implementation of improvements. But everything else will be done by the tools, thus freeing us from tasks in which we are not essential.

Tools for the automation of marketing processes

The main objective of automated marketing is to minimize the investment of time and money in the different processes that take place in this area, in order to maximize its benefits, obtaining high performance.

For this there are automation tools that respond to each and every one of the actions that are part of it. For example, we can automate:

  • The massive sending of emails.
  • Capturing and qualifying leads.
  • The maturation of these leas for purchase.
  • The relationship with them.
  • The presentation of new products or services.
  • Audience research.
  • Reconnect with leads who showed interest in an offer.
  • The segmentation of contacts by interests.
  • Publications in RRSS.
  • Attention and interaction with the user (through chatbots).

In short, we can automate any action or task that is repetitive and does not require creativity for its execution.

Why automate digital marketing?

After checking the list of tasks or actions that you can automate with the available tools, you can already get an idea of ​​the importance of applying them in all businesses, regardless of the sector they are in.

This last one is very important. Automated marketing is not only relevant for ecommerce, businesses related to online marketing and sales, or other sectors that are directly linked to the internet.

Note: Digitization and marketing automation is for everyone. In any company you can bring benefits like these.

➽ Increase the number of qualified leads

Through the different tools for the automation of marketing processes, we can know how each one of the leads that we have with our brand behave.

Whether it’s with the emails we send them, on our website, with social media posts… This gives us information about the user’s level of awareness and whether or not they are ready to make a purchase.

Tip: The ideal would be to segment the list between more and less qualified users, in order to send them communications according to the phase they are in and, thus, boost sales.

➽ Increase sales

The personalization that we talked about before allows us to send the message that each user needs to receive according to the moment or stage of the purchase cycle in which they are.

Not all users need the same amount of time before making a decision. And in this way it is possible to respect the requirements of each one.

This has a very positive impact on sales, since they will receive the purchase option when they are really ready to say yes.

➽ Increased customization capabilities

Personalization is not only possible in terms of the greater or lesser qualification of leads. It can also be applied in case you have a list of users with different interests.

In that case, we recommend that you only send information that may be of value and use to each segment. Otherwise, you may end up boring those who don’t find it relevant. This is applicable for valuable content and for offers or promotions.


In short, automated marketing makes a business more productive when it comes to the processes of capturing and converting leads.

Creating the system will require, in addition to time, an economic investment to be able to use the most appropriate tools. But once implemented, the savings are quite significant. It could be said that this initial investment is easily recoverable when the system is up and running.