WordPress hosting

One of the first steps to take before publishing a website is to choose the hosting service that we are going to hire so that it works, loads correctly and can receive visits.

Depending on the nature of the web, the type of CMS you use and the expected traffic forecast, you should look at some criteria or others. But still, there are plenty of options to choose from.

If you look at the type of CMS, such as WordPress, PrestaShop, Magento… you will be able to find very specialized services in each of them that greatly facilitate the installation and start-up of the web.

In this post I would like to talk to you about the WordPress hosting offer on the market, comment on its pros and cons and give you some recommendations when making a decision.

All of them are going to be services that require an investment. However, if you are taking your first steps on the internet and want to launch a website with the minimum possible investment, you can also investigate the options of cheap hosting companies  that exist and later switch to one with more advantages.

And now, if you like, let’s get down to business!

Some of the best WordPress hosting

If you have been evaluating the different options that exist in the market regarding the best WordPress hosting that you can hire, you have probably selected some of the ones that I am going to comment on now.

But which one are you going to decide on? Especially, if you do not have previous experience contracting this type of services, you may feel somewhat overwhelmed by the wide and varied offer that there is.

However, I must tell you that many of them offer guarantees or reduced rates so that you can try them and if they do not convince you, you can change to another without incurring excessive expense.

However, below I am going to propose a list with some of the best WordPress hosting, so that you can take it as a reference so that you can start improving your site right now and optimize aspects such as web usability .


If you are looking for quality, this may be the best option for you. It is at the forefront in terms of benefits, customer service and stability in the service. But, yes, it is one of the least economical alternatives on the market. You value!

Raiola Networks

This is another of the WordPress hosting that is betting on the quality of the service and is gaining more and more prominence among users. It has 24-hour technical support, performs free migration from another provider and, in addition, offers a plan for less than €6 with a free SSL certificate.


We can also place it on the most recommended WordPress hosting podium, both for quality issues and for its excellent performance with this CMS. In fact, in its most pro plans it offers cache to increase loading speed. Something essential to retain traffic on a website.


In addition to the benefits of a WordPress hosting service, Tropical Server offers templates for your CMS (more than 800). With them, achieving a more professional visual appearance will be very simple. And, in addition, all their plans include a free domain. The only but is that it is not especially one of the cheapest.


In this case, the value for money is more balanced, although they do not offer a specialized service for WordPress as in the previous cases. Which doesn’t mean it can’t be used. They also give you the domain for free for the first year and include backup, support and other benefits similar to the previous ones.


Finally, this other WordPress hosting provider does have a specialized offer for this CMS. And just like Tropical Server, it makes a series of responsive designs available to the client so that they can easily create their website.

Cheap WordPress Hosting: Yes or No?

All these alternatives that I have shown you, as I told you at the beginning, require an investment, even if it is minimal. However, it should be remembered that you can also opt for free WordPress hosting.

In that case we can talk about providers such as WordPress.com, 000WebHost, ByetHost, AwardSpace or WPNode.

The great drawback of this type of service is the limitations that you will encounter. For example, restrictions on the amount of traffic your website can receive without crashing, on disk space, the database…