Considering the times in which we find ourselves and the past years, we know well that online stores and projects have grown exponentially. So fast that the world has done a 180 degree turn in how business is done.

Undertaking to build something like this was the adventure of many people, some of whom have failed at it, but others have found success in ways they never would have imagined. This is due to the good use of certain tools offered by online platforms, such as the Google tools course .

Starting an online business is not an easy task (far from it). There are hundreds of points of view to take into account, plans to make, doubts to resolve, select your products carefully and consider who will be the audience that you will target with your business.

It is always good to start small, reading, among other things, about tools for online business, growth marketing or data analysis.

The best tools for online business

In this article we will share with you which are the most useful and up-to-date tools of this new technological era on the web.

To do this, we have selected an element that we trust will be very useful when starting a new path to online success; GoogleSuite.

What is Google Suite and what services does it offer us?

Google Suite is a powerful and powerful tool that is loaded with various essential applications to grow your online business.

These applications will allow you to quickly and safely manage and control your email, bureautic documents, your storage space -unlimited if you have the Enterprise version- and create Internet pages, among other tools.

Let’s see some services provided by Google Suite. We recommend that you first consider doing a google tools course before starting, it is more than useful and will speed up your use of GSuite.

  • First of all, you will have online support every day at all hours. In the same way is its availability for you to use it.
  • You will be able to enter GSuite without problems from your smartphone, be it Android or IOS.
  • You won’t need to delete emails because the application takes care of filing them in an orderly and safe way.
  • Costs are saved significantly and everything from the same platform.
  • Allow your productivity and time to be maximized to take advantage of every second of your work.
  • Google Suite is in charge of improving its operation and, above all, the security of its applications on a daily basis.

If you already have a Gmail account for some time, you will surely feel very familiar with some of the elements of Google Suite (or GSuite). Next, we will help you to familiarize yourself with several of these elements so that you can start immediately with your project, the same you can see it in more detail in a google tools course. Let’s go!

Tools for online businesses and applications of GSuite

The difference between having a regular Gmail account and Google Suite is that the latter will allow you to process all your work from an online administrative site that is responsible for managing various instruments such as:

  • Create your own business email logo.
  • Analysis of data.
  • Your users.
  • The tools of your company and growth marketing.
  • The round trip of significant data.
  • You will be able to execute your applications calmly from Google itself.
  • How does your security system work?
  • The forms in which the reports of each service are presented.
  • The creation and processing of your work groups.
  • The order and form of how you distribute your products.
  • The management of various domains.
  • Unlimited space with the use of Enterprise or 30 GB with the Business version.
  • You will have seamless access to the support team.

Now let’s see five applications that Google Suite offers us, all of them have a unique and essential use to manage your online business.

1)Google Drive

well known, ideal and essential for any person or entrepreneur. Here you can locate and order all your documents and folders as you consider necessary to have your business in order. In addition, it allows you to share these documents with your users or co-workers in an agile and fast way.

Thanks to its advanced search engine, you can’t lose anything you’ve uploaded to it, and the data you upload is instantly updated with your other electronic devices.

Please note that, for example, images, Google Sheets documents (an online excel) are not counted as used space. It is incredibly flexible!

2) Gmail

We know it even better, it deals with emails, instant messages, contact control and a great system that prevents us from spam.

It is also possible to create several accounts and it is very easy to switch from one to another without problems. In this application you can also order your e-mails depending on their content and contacts very simply.

3) Google Docs

This online business tool is like a kind of Microsoft Word, but much more advanced. It is more comfortable and allows you to export your document to practically any type of format.

This application does not require you to hit “save document” every time because it has an instant auto-save that makes you feel safe and confident. The documents written here can be shared with other users and even enabled to be retouched if you wish.

4) Google Sites

It is a tool to create and manage several web pages in order to collaborate on them with other third parties. It’s very easy to do and allows you to edit, graph, publish documents, and even share with other people—essential features for successful growth marketing.

5)Google Calendar

It may appear to be a simple calendar to write down your appointment with the dentist, but no! To get the most out of it, it should be used as an enhancer and organizer of your time and efficiency. It is useful for organizing tasks and scheduled events.