B2B sales
B2B sales

Surely you have ever thought about how to increase your sales in your company. When some companies think of B2B marketing strategies , they think primarily of direct and outbound techniques, that is, messages that can be sent directly to customers or potential buyers that have been identified. In this approach, the goal is to be compelling and persuasive enough that the audience will respond and engage with the services you offer.

These kinds of techniques definitely have a place in your marketing tool belt. But the world of B2B marketing strategies has gotten much bigger, and the behavior of buyers of professional services has changed . Users are much more likely to do a Google search to find and rate a company than to check personal references.

What B2B strategies can be carried out to create momentum and increase your sales?

This has made the variety of B2B marketing strategies that we have at our disposal today much greater. Today, staying competitive means taking full advantage of a broad spectrum of strategies.

But which ones are essential for success in today’s hyper-competitive environment? Let’s take a look at several absolutely essential B2B marketing strategies that will not only help your business keep up, but help you sell more.


Research is the foundation of any marketing job today . From market research to brand research, detailed scientific studies will help you make more informed decisions . They will give you an objective basis for your marketing and provide valuable baselines to measure your results.

By doing the research, you will get to know your customers better, which will allow you to serve them better . Market research also allows you to know the performance of your processes. You will know what aspects of your company are working better and you will better understand what services you should offer.

Niche based strategy

One of the most important business considerations is specialization and niche orientation . It is proven that the fastest growing companies tend to be specialists in a carefully selected niche . It must be an area of ​​the sector that you know thoroughly, a space in which you can become an expert and undisputed leader.

Specialization makes all marketing efforts easier, because it tends to define exactly what you do and what immediately sets you apart from the competition .

A website that performs at its best

Without a doubt, if you offer professional services, the web is one of the most important assets. It is much more than a digital billboard or brochure, as some companies believed in the past. A good website is the center of a company’s internet presence and an information-rich projection of its experience in the market.

It is a fundamental tool to generate visibility . Potential customers search the internet to find service providers, and they need to be able to find your business site for you to have a chance of winning a customer. In addition, with your website you can demonstrate the experience that your company has and make yourself known in the market.

In fact, 80% of people refer to a website when searching for service providers, it is by far the most used source of information.

And as new visitors come to your site, strong educational content and carefully targeted offers can drive potential customers into ever-stronger engagement, driving potential customers to you.

web positioning

As we have said before, your target audience has to find your website, and that is where SEO comes into play.

It’s such an important piece of the online marketing puzzle that high-growth businesses consider it the most effective online marketing technique available to them.

On page SEO uses specific keywords to communicate important concepts to your audience. These usually focus on your services and experience.

The goal of in-place SEO is to tell search engines what your website is about. This allows search engines to generate more relevant results for searchers . And when the public searches for information about your area of ​​expertise, they will find you.

Offpage SEO uses links to your website, either through external engagement or guest posts in other publications, for example. These efforts serve to increase a website’s authority as a recognized leader in its subject matter.

As more highly authoritative and relevant websites link to your website, search engines will begin to see you as more credible, which translates into better rankings.

Social media

No one doubts the importance of social networks anymore. They have come to stay. Over 60% of buyers search for new service providers on social media , making it a more widely used source of information than formal referrals and recommendations.

Even the nature of referrals has changed in the wake of social media . A recent study on referral marketing has revealed that 17% of experience-based recommendations are made based on social media interactions. Simply put, social media is an accelerator of the reach of your reputation, expertise, and content. They allow you to network and connect with contacts and influencers, as well as monitor your brand through social listening.

one final thought

The important thing is not to sit still or settle. To stay competitive, your business must constantly evaluate its B2B marketing strategies and find ways to improve.

The world of online marketing is evolving at an ever-faster pace, but today, companies that successfully collect and use data on their performance.