One of the elements that are already part of our daily life and are camouflaged in the urban landscape is the advertising poster . In this new article, the Social Media Family team wants to make you know a little more about this support, as well as its characteristics and importance so that you can implement it in your business or your marketing campaigns .

Do you want to learn to design your own advertising poster ? Well, stay reading this guide that we already entered the nougat.


We can define the concept of an advertising poster as a means of disseminating information that reaches a large number of people, at a low cost . Your chances of success depend on the technical quality of the poster, a good study of the location and aesthetics of the poster .

The advertising poster began to have enormous relevance from the development of image reproduction techniques, such as woodcut and later the printing press. The evolution of the graphic arts will allow the advertising poster to be considered as an artistic element. The poster was therefore a medium that came to interest artists such as Toulouse Lautrec or Gaudí.

The birth of the commercial poster was in 1477 when William Caxton published, in England, the first advertising poster , counting the excellences of the hot springs. Years later, in 1482, the first illustrated poster was made in France . French poster artists stand out in the history of advertising , because they combined art and advertising, giving posters a high artistic level. Jules Chéret stands out , due to his knowledge of lithographic technique and his long career; In its large number of posters, women are always the main protagonist.

For the arrival of advertising posters in Spain, we had to wait until the 19th century, when it began to develop.

Currently, the posters that attract attention are those that show quality, but how can we analyze a poster? The design of the advertising poster is a great challenge for a graphic designer, since the poster must first capture the attention of people while they circulate and secondly they must be visible from long distances. The design must be impressive, but it should not be forgotten that the image selected for an advertising poster must meet one objective: it must be able to summarize the idea to be transmitted to the target audience .


An advertising poster is one of the simplest and most striking ways to get into the heads of our future clients. Its main purpose is to present the product in a clear and concise way so that the brand is easy to remember and the message captivates the recipients. The design of the advertising posters must always convey the important information in an attractive way, without falling into excess. We present a series of tips so that your advertising poster creates the necessary impact to stand out above the rest.


The first thing you have to think about when designing an advertising poster is to think about what audience it is aimed at , choosing the recipient of your product, among many other things. It is not the same to promote a product for children, for men or for women. You have to be very clear about the segment you want to target and from there start creating the design of your advertising poster .


It is necessary to decide first which photographs or images we are going to use. You can use different techniques:

Use original and very graphic images that have not been used before. The advertising poster must convey the message not only with words, but also with the chosen images.
Stand out your product on a white background, through the absence of color which is one of the most used techniques in the creation of advertising posters.
Another way is by asking a provocative , attention-grabbing question and people having to stop and read. The forbidden always attracts attention as long as it is not in bad taste, exceeds or insults.

You have to come up with ideas through the use of color and graphic elements. Putting too much text on an advertising poster is not a good idea, since you will saturate the receiver with so much information and will not keep the important idea. Create a short and simple message, easy to remember. No one is going to pay attention to your poster if they have to stop and read five lines of text.


If you are free, it would be a great idea to create your own font for the poster design. If not, there are websites like fonts2u that will provide you with millions of fonts so you can choose the one you consider most appropriate. Use fonts with simple lines that are easy to read, do not use too ornate typography that is difficult to decipher. It is not recommended to use too many different fonts on the same poster , you should use only one and distinguish in importance through size.


The choice of color is vital. As we said in the first point, it is not the same to create a poster aimed at children, in which we must choose bright and vivid colors, a poster aimed at the female audience, in which you should use warmer and softer colors, or a focused poster in the male audience, where we must use stronger and more aggressive colors


Always include your corporate logo on the poster , try to keep it in the background since we do not want it to take away from the main product that we want to present, but it is necessary to include it so that those who are interested in the product associate it instantly with your brand .

As you will see, there are six simple tips that are very easy to apply when creating an advertising poster and that will increase the success of your campaigns considerably.


In the case of advertising posters , the main objective is both commercial and informative, hence the chosen design and aesthetics, as well as the place where the poster is placed, are fundamental questions if you want to reach the widest possible audience:


Fundamentally because, the aim is to advertise a product or service, preferably new and whose message you want to reach the widest possible audience without opting for other more expensive means of communication.


Precisely because the objective is to inform about that specific product or service. Therefore, we find ourselves with two basic functions that all advertising poster must meet: in f orm about a product and must in turn be as commercial as possible .

The public must be clear at all times that a certain product or service is being advertised and must know what it consists of and what features or advantages it offers. Given that this message must be transmitted in a not very large advertising poster, the role of the graphic team is fundamental in its design, since the poster in question must attract the public’s attention so much that they stop to see it and read its content. .


Do you want to make your own advertising poster, but you don’t really know how to start ? We also want to help you with this, and we are going to tell you some programs that can help you gain practice and ease with the design of advertising posters :

The most powerful and overcooked image editor on the market is Adobe Photoshop . Leading program for retouching and editing graphics and photos. It is one of the most used programs in the history of digital creativity.

Through the use of filters, layers and textures, among many other things, you will be able to give a unique style to the images you want to use in your advertising poster. You also have the option to include text … so don’t cut anything when it comes to designing the advertising poster in Adobe Photoshop ! (but remember: less is more!)

One of the best softwares specialized in vector graphic design. This program offers the power to scale the elements using mathematical formulas, in a way that avoids suffering quality losses. It is a little more complex than Adobe Photoshop, but with practice and perseverance, you will make incredible designs with Adobe Illustrator !

This free program offers you royalty-free images , as well as pre-established templates so you can make poster designs, images for social networks, web banners , and much more.

Gimp is a bitmap image editing program, considered one of the best free alternatives to Adobe Photoshop . Dispense with some of the tools that are less used in Photoshop, to bet on a simple and functional interface.

Krita is the free software application developed by KDE integrated into the Calligra Suite graphic arts suite. It is the closest competitor to Gimp, and therefore a good free alternative to Photoshop.

We hope that all the information has been useful for you to continue practicing your most artistic and creative side by using the advertising poster. We invite you, if you want to show us any of your designs, to mention us on social networks and contact us for any questions that may arise.