If you are starting with a new digital project, it is normal to go looking for all possible ways to reduce costs and as a result we forget something very important: the users. And if gaining people’s recognition is an arduous task, gaining trust is something else…

Marketing and advertising for an SME are as important as the formal constitution of the idea itself, so neglecting them is NOT an option.

The good news is that you no longer have to stretch the budget too much. Next, we will talk about some of the best free Digital Marketing tools, so you can develop your own free digital marketing campaigns and achieve the expected results.


Google Analytics is an extremely useful tool, with a lot of potential to become the best of allies and best of all, it’s free! Among the things you can do with this free Digital Marketing tool are the following:

  • Know where your visitors come from
  • Know the behavior of people within your website
  • Know what content of your blog are the most liked among your visitors
  • Find out what keywords your users have found you with
  • Find out which products generate the most conversion

Google analytics image

Google cares about its users, and rewards those pages that also care about them with good positioning. With the information provided by Google Analytics you will be able to structure your web page in a way that guarantees a better user experience, generating content that is more or better related to the place of origin of your visitors and the Keywords they used to find you.


HubSpot CRM is a kind of virtual assistant with the best digital marketing and social media tools. With all the options that this versatile tool offers us, it’s hard to believe that it’s completely free. But no, there is no hidden trap. HubSpot CRM is as complete as it is essential to understand and establish a successful Inbound Marketing strategy for companies of any size. Here are some of its features and benefits:


HubSpot CRM example

  • Capacity for all your data. You can store up to a million contacts and companies.
  • Unlimited users. You can invite your entire team to use the HubSpot CRM. All CRM users will be free.
  • contact management
  • Integration with Gmail and Outlook
  • Pop-up forms, external form tracking, and native forms with additional limitations.
  • Programming for automatic mailings, notifications and email tracking limited to the 200 most recent email openings and up to 5 email templates per account, ideal for email marketing.
  • Conversations inbox.
  • Team email.
  • Includes a dashboard with standard marketing, sales, and customer service reports.
  • Build strong relationships with all your contacts from the first interaction with them until they become satisfied customers


Speed ​​update. That is the name given to one of the most recent Google algorithms in charge of rewarding those pages that have a higher loading speed.

And Google isn’t the only one who cares about page speed. The loading time influences the purchase decision of users. A slow website has a higher bounce rate than a fast page, and what does a high bounce rate consist of? Basically when a user enters to read a post and returns to Google search results without any interaction.

GTmetrix Example

Through GTMetrix you will be able to know exactly which pages have a slow loading speed. When performing the analysis, the tool generates a detailed report, which also indicates the specific errors that slow down your website and advises you on how to solve them, you can also download this report in PDF format.

To use it, you will simply have to indicate the URL of the website that you want to analyze and seconds later you will obtain a complete report with dozens of factors that affect the loading speed.


        Understanding the algorithms and data responsible for driving traffic organically to your competitors can be quite a long and tedious task. MOZ is a tool that makes this job easy.

young example

With it you will be able to audit the best positioned content in the entire market, with which you will be able not only to generate ideas to create current, attractive and interesting content, but also to optimize your current page content following the base patterns that help to better position your own website.


Extremely useful, and the free digital marketing tool par excellence for those who are mainly dedicated to developing content for websites and blogs.


You simply have to write the keyword or keyword of interest and the tool suggests other related words. It is also possible to refine the search by choosing the language and the type of content (news, YouTube videos, shopping, images…). Perfect marketing tool to improve the SEO of your website or your blog!


Aswerthepublic is a very practical page to generate content ideas for your blog. Using just one keyword, this tool shows you a group of useful phrases based on where, how and who questions on common topics.


In addition, what I love about this tool is that the queried data can be transferred quickly and easily to an image or an Excel file to be viewed later directly and offline.


Buffer is the perfect free digital marketing tool to manage social media and save time. It allows managing the content to different social networks at the same time, scheduling posts and publications for automatic publication. It is perfect for managing corporate social networks simultaneously and not leaving any social network abandoned without content.


buffer example


And as if that weren’t enough, in addition to scheduling publications, Buffer is capable of analyzing the results obtained in your posts, measuring the actions you get in them, as well as the mentions and interactions that people make with you and among other users.


No marketing campaign is complete without a good mailing plan, with mailchimp you have the option to create these campaigns with incredible ease, and for free. The best thing is that it is very well prepared so that your campaigns comply with European legality, which can prevent you from getting scared and falling on spam lists.


mailchimp example


  • Contact management, which you can import and export
  • Design of mails without the need to know how to program or design thanks to the templates
  • Send emails in a segmented way, by groups of clients according to the criteria that you indicate
  • Statistics of your mail marketing campaigns, such as the number of openings or which links your users click on