academic success

Are you worried that if you stop coming to class it can lower your GPA, letting you hit a downfall?

Or, how to stay on track when you are stuck in a not-so-learning-friendly environment? Thanks to the pandemic.

Well, stop worrying!

I have here listed some of the best academic advice to help you get the best resource when pursuing University Canada West business-oriented programs.

Take responsibility

Remember that you have got only your shoulders to lean on regarding academic achievement.

Your instructor can guide you to understand your assignments.

However, you are accountable for the success you earn.

Exercise self-discipline

Make sure to include study time every day, at least two hours.

Continue studying until you understand your assignment, not merely to get a passing grade.

Manage your time

To make time for personal activities, strategize your study hours well.

Remember the thief that will steal your academic success, is procrastination!

Look ahead

When reading your textbooks, stay a few more chapters ahead in time.

This will keep you upbeat for the upcoming modules or classes.

Ask for help, whenever needed

Do all that you can do to help yourself keep up to date with your classes.

Be it increasing your study time, studying with a partner, or forming a study group, try to utilize all the resources available around you. 

Your target is to make it happen at any cost!

Be prompt and present

Avoid being tardy or absent.

Keep in mind to attend classes from the first day of the semester.

Good attendance will grant you first-hand knowledge of the educators’ responses and comments to questions.

Also, because it showcases your passion!

Don’t quit

Do not stop joining your peers because of a personal problem, crisis, or frustration.

Especially if it is an international learning institute.

Approach the faculty and staff to assist you in determining how to cope or manage these situations. 

Communicate with your teachers

Notify your instructors if you cannot come to class because of some reason.

Try to put on extra hours to make for any missed assignments.

Give your best

Only the best is good enough.

Therefore, I suggest that you aim for the highest scores!

Diligently practise until the end

Work harder mid-semester and do not slow down any time before hitting the finish line.

Sustain this pace until the end of the course.

Use supporting features

Find out about your college’s support activities and reach out to them.

This may include:

  • Student Support Services
  • Academic Support Center
  • Office of Academic Advisement
  • Learning Support Counselors
  • Office of Counseling and Testing


Apply for a foundation year program to fill i9n the gaps in your skills and knowledge.

Also referred to as a prerequisite course this can help you completed your academic goals before enrollment in another program.

Remain focused

Eliminate negative influences on main your focus on your academic aspirations.

Analyse the college catalogue from time to time and avoid distractions, as far as possible.

Have you been having trouble achieving academic success?

Feel free to make an appointment with our instructors in Canada to talk about your performance and future ambitions.