social media trends
social media trends

Taking into account trends in social networks is vital because most people spend a good part of their day on them. These have become an essential element in the daily routine. 

For this reason, marketers and companies are increasingly using these platforms to connect with their customers, which means high competition, making it more difficult to stand out unless you have a social media marketing strategy.

And being up to date with trends in social networks is key to promoting any strategy, so in this post I am going to focus on that. They not only apply for 2022 but beyond, so pay attention. 

15 trends in social networks to succeed this year

1. The classics never go out of style

Although there are social networks on the rise, you should never forget the classics, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, which continue to be the platforms most used by users. 

If you are within them or are thinking of entering and manage to gain a good position, let me tell you that you have the upper hand. 

Just don’t forget the ones that come after with a lot of haste and impact, like TikTok, Pinterest and Telegram. 

2. Video marketing but with short clips

Videos are still a big trend in social networks, but BEWARE: short clips are more effective. 

According to video hosting company Vidyard, 60% of videos published in 2020 were less than 2 minutes long. 

Until a few years ago, it was believed that the longer the better, but with the arrival of TikTok this has changed and it seems that it will stay that way. Following this, Instagram launched Reel and the rest is history. 

Even the video giant, YouTube, introduced YouTube Shorts, which are short vertical videos created with a smartphone and uploaded directly from the YouTube app as Stories. 

3. User Generated Content

The user generated content (UGC), content generated by users, is a great tool within trends in social networks because it offers great advantages, such as:

  • Improve brand image
  • Boost the SEO of your website
  • Improve user experience

This type of content consists of clients generating content for the brand, for example, reviews, videos, product unboxing, etc. 

According to Nielsen Global, 42% of people value or consider the recommendations of others more than the content generated by the brand itself. Here lies the importance of this trend in social networks. 

4. Social audio is coming in strong

Since 2020, when Clubhouse was launched, this app has gained a lot of popularity. Facebook even launched its own live audio room and podcast in the United States. And more and more brands are beginning to realize the importance of this. 

According to Hootsuite, in a 2021 survey, more than 74% of businesses plan to invest in audio content this year to gain more exposure. 

These numbers do not include small businesses, as it is not a very affordable method of content marketing because it takes time and expertise to create audio content. 

5. Metaverses 

The metaverses are today and cannot be left out of the trends in social networks to be successful this year and those to come. It is one of the most disruptive trends. 

Although the metaverse is still developing and its boom is expected to take place in 10 years, it is already beginning to change the way we live online and offline, so we have to prepare ourselves. 

Even Lina Cáceres, Latin WE’s digital vice president of artist, commercial and new business development, assured that there is already talk of a virtual reality in which work is done and studied within the metaverse. 

The metaverses are not limited to social media, but it will be a strong trend in social networks in this and the coming years, so watch out. 

6. Ecommerce will expand

For years, social platforms like Instagram and Facebook have been used to make sales, but starting this year, the ability to buy items directly from social networks will be the norm. 

Gone are the years when it was only used by innovative brands. Even eMarketer points out that the social commerce industry will be worth 80 billion by 2025. 

This ranges from shoppable posts to Instagram storefronts. Social media is constantly evolving, so experts will continue to take advantage of this trend in social networks to sell more and better. 

7. Social media guidelines will increase

While Google’s proposal to eliminate cookie tracking takes shape, advertising on social networks remains undefined. However, it is projected that there will be an increase in the use of patterns in social media. 

If it materializes, only advertisers who obtain information from customers and users invading their privacy should be careful, since their strategies would no longer work.

Inbound marketing and an adequate network content strategy could be a solution to this possible change. 

8. Customer Centric Marketing is key

In the middle of 2022 it is almost a crime that you do not align your social strategy to users and that you do not apply Customer Centric Marketing, a strong trend in social networks.

It’s not just about having a presence on all social platforms; It is necessary that you provide content focused on your users, that you interact with them and that you show a profile that is close to them and interested in them. 

Basically, you have to focus on strengthening your community starting this year, if you haven’t started doing it before. That is, prioritize your customers over any other factor, based on common sense, their behavior and your intuition. 

9. Influencer marketing will come of age

Influencer marketing is another strong trend in social networks.

It is very popular because it is one of the most dominant strategies and this will only grow, because as social platforms expand, influencers have more authority and reach. 

Currently, it takes less time to position yourself on networks if you have a good influencer strategy, so this method can allow significant growth in interactions and audience.

As this progresses, influencer marketing will offer more results and less risk.

It is only the task of brands to investigate what consumers want to identify the characters that can help them generate more impact.

10. Bet on more creativity

High competition is a reality and will only continue to increase both in social networks and in all other areas, so it is important that all your teams seek to innovate and place different or disruptive elements compared to the competition. 

You even have to put imagination and creativity into the ads you place and all the efforts you make to capture the attention of potential customers. 

Even though the two most effective networking platforms in terms of results are Facebook and Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest jumped from 3% to 24% from 2020 to 2021. 

So you cannot lose sight of these two great platforms within your strategies if you want to continue growing and keep up with the trends in social networks. 

11. Say goodbye to calls to resolve doubts

Between the change in the pace of life and new technologies, consumers have realized that the questions and doubts that assail them can be resolved faster through social networks.

Certainly, the call will continue to be functional or even video calls, to close a sale or have contact with base customers, but for the resolution of questions or doubts, 64% of people prefer to send a message than to call, 

Despite this trend, many companies are still not ready to provide effective customer service through networks, so it is time for you to start paying attention to this now.  

12. Yes or yes you have to learn about paid advertising

Another trend in social networks is paid advertising.

Even if you don’t do ads, the reality is that the organic reach on networks has decreased, so it is increasingly necessary to increase or dedicate budget to paid advertising, but for this, you must generate ideas for the content. 

In addition, Apple, by limiting Facebook from tracking its users, caused Facebook to reinvent the way it targets its ads. 

For this and more, no matter what budget you have, you have to spend time and effort learning about paid advertising and the basics of audience targeting. 

13. Short content will have better results

People are spending more and more time on social media, but less time engaging with individual posts. 

And you should also take into account that on the cell phone that time is less compared to those who do it from a computer. 

In this sense, the same source points out that those who entered Facebook from their computer spent 2.5 seconds, on average, on content, while those who did so from their mobiles spent 1.7 seconds on the same content. 

For this reason, what is today is “ephemeral” content such as Instagram Stories, TikToks and other short content through which you post videos or short or brief messages. 

14. Live video will continue to change social media

Another trend in social networks that is coming very strong is video marketing, and live videos on social networks will continue to gain popularity in 2022 and the following years, because they allow users to connect with brands and thus it is easier to convert them into customers.

There is even a higher preference for live videos compared to content in this format. 82% of people prefer live videos streamed on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook over pre-recorded ones. 

This has been popularized faster by the incursion of big celebrities in live broadcasts, being a great opportunity to get in touch with them, while brands take advantage of that exposure. 

15. Increased demand for chatbots in social networks

Chatbots are firmly on the social media trend as people are less willing to waste time or wait for responses that can be automated. 

Artificial intelligence-powered chatbots can more accurately understand people’s queries or doubts and offer better solutions or answers much faster.

This brings many benefits because you can provide customer support 24/7. For example, if you have an e-commerce and there is a customer who wants to close a purchase, but gets stuck in the process, you can guide them through an automated chatbot and help them finish it. 

If it is perfectly programmed and you use it to your advantage, the client-company relationship will improve significantly.

What are you waiting for to exploit these trends in social networks?

Social media is constantly evolving, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Just keep an eye out for updates or trends to explore what works best for your audience and goals. 

These 15 trends in social networks are key for 2022 and beyond, so take them into account if you want to take off your company through these platforms that are increasingly important to achieve it.