Data Science Careers

The Scope of Data Science Careers in India

Scope of Data Science Careers in India

A career in data science can be quite lucrative if you are passionate about the subject and have the skills to work for a multinational corporation. This job role requires you to analyze data in order to derive accurate predictions. In other words, it requires you to apply logic and reason to the analysis of data. As a data scientist, you will provide your company with a calculated reason for making a decision, rather than relying on gut instincts. For example, you can predict a market trend and avoid a risk factor by using data analysis. Similarly, a data analyst can convert numbers into plain English, thereby helping companies to make simple decisions.

Data Scientist

If you are looking for a new career in data analytics, you should consider a Data Science career in India. The data science field is experiencing rapid growth in India. According to the recent report by the World Economic Forum, it is expected to hit $118.7 billion by 2026. While data analysts earn around Rs4,19,465 a year, a Data Scientist can earn more. Their job is to discover useful patterns in large amounts of data.

Today, data is the king. In fact, it is the equivalent of oil in this century. It is a resource that will rule the future. It is a crucial component of all industries and is helping companies gain a competitive advantage in product development and strategic pricing. It has also proven to increase operational efficiency and lower risk exposure. This is why there are more Data Science jobs than ever in India. To make the most of it, you should look into Data Science careers in India.

Data Analyst

There are various career options available for graduates in the field of data science and analytics. These programs are offered at some of the best universities around the world and can lead to rapid career growth. Data analysts require a strong understanding of business variables, including internal and external factors, and are required to model and make decisions based on this data. They also need strong numeracy skills, including a firm grasp of mathematical equations and statistical approaches.

There is a growing demand for people with data science and analytics skills. As big data continues to grow, companies and industries are turning to data science and analytics as a key business strategy. Without this expertise, companies and organizations will face limited growth and will not be able to keep up with the fast-paced and ever-changing technology environment. In India, there are currently over 32,000 data science jobs available. But, if you’re interested in working in this exciting and rewarding field, now’s the time to begin.


The growth in the demand for data scientists in India has given rise to online training programs in the field. The Scaler Academy is one such example. The academy has an online curriculum designed to upskill college students with advanced computer science skills. The students are also given hands-on experience in projects such as analyzing millions of chat messages and comparing different driving routes. The courses are taught by industry veterans and are backed by resources democratizing access to data.

The academy offers several courses designed to up-skill both working professionals and freshers. One such course, called Scaler Data Science and Machine Learning, is based on a survey of 100 data scientists from top companies in the world. Unlike other courses, this one emphasizes how data scientists can impact businesses through their algorithms. Students can also benefit from a mentorship program, interview preparation and placements. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in data science, it’s time to start looking for opportunities.