Rufus Alternatives
Rufus Alternatives

10 Best Rufus Alternatives To Create Bootable USB In 2022

10 Best Rufus Alternatives To Create Bootable USB In 2022

If you are looking for the best Rufus alternative, read on. This article will look at Diskmaker X, ImageUSB Writer, and Your multi-boot installer (YUMI). Here, we will compare the best Rufus alternatives to create bootable USB drives. Read on to learn more about these great programs! Listed below are 10 of the best Rufus alternatives to create bootable USB in 2022.

ImageUSB Writer

If you’ve been using Rufus in the past but are not satisfied with the performance of the program, don’t worry: there are several good Rufus alternatives on the market today. You can choose from these alternatives based on their strengths and weaknesses. Despite their differences, they’re all excellent choices for bootable USB drives. Read on to find out which one suits your needs best!

Your multi-boot installer (YUMI)

YUMI is a bootable USB that lets you install various operating systems and tools. To make this type of disk, you will need to create a partition on a USB stick and format it to NTFS or Fat32. Make sure there are no important files on the drive before you start the installation. Afterwards, you will be asked to approve additional ISOs and click the Finish button. This multiboot USB disk will have a lot of different operating systems installed on it, depending on the configuration of the device.

Win32 Disk Imager

There are several advantages of using the C-based Rufus alternative. One of them is that it has the ability to create bootable USBs for updating BIOS on a specific device. However, this feature may be of limited use for Mac users because flashing the BIOS can damage the motherboard. Rufus is the most popular bootable USB creator, but it is not as versatile as some other applications.


While Rufus is one of the most popular bootable USB creators around, there are many other bootable USB creators out there. These programs all come from different regions and offer different strengths and weaknesses. Still, they are all excellent options for creating bootable USBs. Here are the 10 best Rufus alternatives for 2022. Read on to learn about them.


Whether you’re in need of a bootable USB or just want to create a backup of your PC, there are Ventoy alternatives and alternative tools out there. These tools are free, open-source, and allow you to create bootable USBs from multiple formats. This article will look at some of these tools and what they can do for you. After reading this article, you should have no problem creating a bootable USB drive for your PC or laptop.