If you want to learn how to rename YouTube videos, then you have come to the right place. If you are in the process of changing your channel from its current name to one that is more memorable and targeted, here are the steps for you to follow. So, let’s get started.

Go to the main page of YouTube and click on “What’s My Channel?” Once you have done so, you will see a section where you will be asked to put your name. You will have 2 options to choose from: Regular or Custom. For the next step, you need to find the section where your name is listed. So, look for it at the very top left corner.

To successfully complete this task, you need to know what type of YouTube channel you own. This is very important because you will now have an idea as to how to proceed further. Click on “YouTube” towards the top and you will find the link to the top categories on the site. Click on your chosen category and you will find a link to the left that says “Find Channel.” Once you click on that link, you will be brought back to the main page.

Once you click on “Find Channel,” you will see the drop down box that says “Choose a name for your YouTube Channel.” Click on the radio button in the top right corner. This will bring out the entire list of categories that can be chosen. Click on any of the available options and you will be brought to the next step.

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If you prefer to have a YouTube channel named after a specific individual, you can search for it using the name of the individual. If you have already made up your mind on the name and you want to apply it to the new channel, click on the “apply” button found on the channel finder at the top of the screen. This will bring out the changes that have been applied to your channel. You will now be able to see the name that you have just made and can choose whether you like it or not. (Note: Changing the name will also change the profile pictures)

For those who would prefer to use a custom name for their YouTube channel, you will need to go to the section where you can select a good name. Click on the radio button and the name will be generated for you. This way, you are sure to get a good name for your channel when you create it. Changing the name will also change the profile pictures and videos as well.

Now that you have gotten your channel ready to be renamed, you have a few other things to take care of before you begin. Click on “Network” to bring up the main page and then click “New” next to that. A new page will open up and a paste of the text that you want changed will appear. You will need to put in some good information about your YouTube account, including a link that will take you to your channel once you get started.

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The last thing that you have to do in order to rename your channel is to click “Save” and you will rename your channel. You will see a brand new page will appear. You can change the name and you’re good to go. If you have any questions, you can always visit the YouTube Help Center. As long as you follow the easy steps above, you shouldn’t have any issues.