PDFBear is a powerful office application for Mac OS X (Leopard) which converts PDF files to rtf format. PDF bears are used extensively as spreadsheets on Macs and PCs. The application has the ability to change the document properties to suit your needs. PDF bears allow you to create documents as well as to edit them. This makes PDFs a versatile file type that can be easily manipulated.

Document Management is an important part of the work process for most people. They use it to store, retrieve, delete, and create documents. PDF documents are a better alternative than using the Microsoft Office application. Since the PDF format was created by Adobe Systems Incorporated it carries a higher quality image than the ordinary Word or Excel documents. PDFs can be easily searched on the web and opened by most portable devices such as PDF readers. They can also be printed if you want to take them on a vacation or share them with someone else.

Conversion to Ress:

this tool can be used to convert PDF documents into ress compatible formats such as the reST format used by the Adobe system. Many companies have found the advantage of publishing their documents in this format rather than in Word or Excel. This is because Word and Excel have complicated functions for converting files to ress format and may not be user friendly.


PDF Bears offers many features that will enhance the productivity of your employees. They include the entire suite of PDF creation tools including the pattern creator and the reliable OCR tool. They also include password encryption and authentication. You can also set the permissions of every page before it is opened by the users. Some PDF Bears even allows the use of keywords and labels.


The PDF file format is used extensively all over the world and is a secure format. Encrypted security is used to protect the documents from unauthorized changes. One important feature of this application is the password encryption feature. It is important to make PDFs protected when you are working with confidential or highly confidential information. Apart from protecting your information from unauthorized changes, PDF Bears also provides a number of additional security features. This application also has application security.


PDF Bear provides a number of application features for authoring PDF documents. Apart from being easy to create, they also allow you to change the document appearance. PDFs can be converted into HTML as well as an aesthetically pleasing format. To increase the versatility of this tool, you can also make PDFs password protected or completely remove the password. If you want to protect your password always, you can set the permissions of every page before the document is opened.


This software is designed to be compatible with several systems including Mac OS, Linux, Novell and other desktop publishing systems. You will not face any compatibility issues while working with PDF documents. You will also not face problems like document loss or document formatting issues while working with PDF files. PDF documents open fast on many machines, including computers, laptops, handheld devices, tablets and even smart phones. They are ideal for e-books. Since PDF bears can be password protected, you can ensure that sensitive information cannot be accessed by anyone else.

Online help:

PDF bears provide online help for users. You can get help for different reasons. You can either convert a document into PDF or learn how to encrypt a password. Additional features such as creating PDFs, converting word documents into PDF, renaming PDF files and setting permissions on PDF files are also available. PDF bears also offer FAQs for user questions and technical support.