When browsing the Internet and using it for business purposes, you have to be aware of what online security is all about. Internet security is a must in these times because your computer can be attacked by others anytime without any warning and no indications. You should take the necessary steps to keep your information safe and secure because an unprotected computer at home can lead to financial loss and even more serious things like identity theft. Here are some pointers on how online security should be taken care of:

Protect Passwords: Passwords are used by various applications to ensure that only they have access to certain information and to prevent unauthorized use. If a password is compromised and an intruder gains access to it, that person can easily access personal information and other valuable information stored in the system. It is therefore important that passwords are always changed and updated and should never be written down as this practice can be easily tracked back to you.

Be Very Careful With Your Emails: The Internet is home to a lot of dangerous people who may want to get into your personal accounts without permission. In fact, they do not even have to be very smart or skilled to crack the password of your email account. As a matter of fact, anyone can do it after finding out the right series of factors that you normally use to log on to your email account such as the usernames and passwords. For instance, if you use the common username “webmaster”, anyone who knows what those digits mean can easily break into your account. Be very careful with your emails because they are the first thing that people see about you and they could very well end up being the foundation of your reputation.


Secure Your Social Networking: It is also essential to protect your social networking websites. This does not only apply to your personal profile but also to your business one. Hackers love websites such as Facebook because they are free to join and there is a high chance that a hacker can get access to your personal and business information. The best way to protect your social networking is to limit the amount of information that goes into your public folder.

Use Strong Passwords: Every password that you use should contain a number. Hackers prefer using the alpha-numeric kind of passwords because these are easier to guess and easier to find. Keep in mind that if you use too many numbers, hackers will have problems coming up with passwords. Keep in mind that an easy-to-guess password made by a skilled hacker is much more secure than one that is hard to guess.

Get a NetID: Even if you are using your own PC for online security, you still need to have a NetID so that you can log on to the network. Some sites do not allow non-authorized users to access the network unless you have a NetID. If you don’t have one, don’t worry because you can still set up one.

Use Browser Helper Objects: Sometimes the browser’s security feature will prompt you to create an entity called “uaa”. But just in case you don’t know what this means, just remember that it’s an identification number for your browser. When this number is linked to an Internet account, security will be given an extra layer of protection. This number can be seen as a unique logbook, which is what the hackers use to break into your browser and obtain your important information.

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Use Strong passwords: Don’t use simple passwords that you create yourself. It makes sense to use a complex password with at least 8 letters and at least one number. Using a password that is easy to guess, is only going to make your personal information vulnerable to identity thieves. If you need more help about securing your computer and your information, consult your local computer repair services provider. They can help you get online security software that will give you more peace of mind.