Local SEO
Local SEO

You are up to date on what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is, right? If not, we will remind you. It is the set of tools and techniques that agencies include on their website to boost their search engines when it comes to finding your page.

To be more specific and explicit, Local SEO is the set of web optimizations, both internal and external, that have the ultimate goal of positioning the web locally. It is very important to work on local positioning if you have a physical business and seek the attention of your target audience.

According to some experts, “more than 40% of Google searches are related to the local area, which means a great opportunity for business premises located in the town in which the user has made the search.”

Strategies within Local SEO

It is essential to have a good Local SEO positioning strategy, since it allows you to position yourself in Google, valuing all the characteristics you are looking for within your buyer person (target audience). That is, it will be filtered by areas, sex, age, material, etc.

But this doesn’t just happen in the Google browser, it also happens in Bing, Yahoo, among others. If a strategy is well designed, regardless of the browser you are in, you will be able to convert that large number of leads into sales; since really 90% who come to visit the web are potential customers and are really interested.

Primary factors for local SEO positioning

The strategies must first be designed and customized, but for them to really work, what you must do is keep them controlled and make changes according to the data provided by the KIPS. Within these factors you should assess:

  • How is your Google My Business account ? From this profile you can control how your presence increases and the possibility of being found more easily.
  • Have profiles on social networks , to help increase engagement and generate trust and greater connection with customers.
  • That the content that your website has is unique, different, innovative and provides all the necessary information for users.
  • Emphasize the opinions of visitors, including those that influencers or recognized personalities may give us.
  • Within the web all the links work correctly . If we get our website to be linked by sites with a good domain authority, our SEO presence will be favored.
  • Point out our location with Google Maps for anyone interested who wants to approach our business. Making it easy for the client benefits us greatly.
  • The geolocation of our images is also a plus as it helps Google to know more about your location.

Companies that have obtained success stories


He designed a long-term content creation campaign to gain valuable links on other sites that might rank well in search engines, to increase his own as well. His star factors were:

  • Quality of the content to attract the attention of the users.
  • Frequency of content to stay relevant to the audience.
  • Value relationships with allied media to promote the articles.

And it got a 63% increase in organic traffic and a 27% increase in orders from organic traffic.


The Swedish furniture company renamed 100 of its furniture references for search terms related to family life.

Initially, the positioning of these terms related to the most popular searches for these topics was done through different ad campaigns on Google Search. However, and thanks to the great media exposure that the ad had, organic visits increased, without the need to invest again in advertising.

Its star factors were:

  • disruptive creativity.
  • Knowledge of the insights of their clients, understanding the disconnection with the names of their furniture.
  • Brand capable of taking risks by changing what is historically accepted by it.
  • Specialized technical deployment to meet the magnitude of the campaign.

Its reach was 157 million and it obtained a 25% increase in sales.


This storage company segmented two types of audiences and created an SEO strategy for each one, according to the times when they may require their services (special dates, vacations, moving, etc.)

With this targeting, he was able to find specific keywords to start creating content that would then be replicated by blogs and other sites that rank well with search engines.

In addition, it began an aggressive campaign with a constant generation of valuable content in different blog articles, on insights related to each of those moments of service request, aiming to surpass the positioning of its competition in the keywords with the most traffic for your audience.