We are very proud of the success obtained with the webinar held in collaboration with Marketing4eCommerce . It may be due to our passion for social networks , the top speakers who have accompanied us or the theme of the event: TikTok , the fashion app. Although we believe that it is rather the sum of everything … at least this has been demonstrated by the 700 users connected to the session . Thank you all for the interest shown, we hope that you have solved some of your doubts and are so eager to try the social network of the moment.

Do you want to know what we have learned from frontline Tiktokers like Mery Santaolalla and Cristina Luengo ? Well, keep reading this post about one of the platforms that grows the most in our country.

Marketing4eCommerce director , Rubén Bastón , has led the webinar “ TikTok Influencers Explained by Tiktokers” in the company of Pablo Sammarco , General Manager of The Social Media Family . Rubén and Pablo have contributed their expertise in the matter with interesting interventions on growth volume, interactions, content and monetization opportunities for brands.

In recent months, especially due to confinement, TikTok has hatched to reach an older audience and exceed 5 million active users in Spain (more than 30% open the platform daily). Cocktail Marketing publishes statistics related to the age segment and gender: 13 to 18 years, 55% women and 45% men . What is clear is that it is present in more than 150 countries and leads the download lists in apps. In addition, and this is an attraction for companies, the music video platform has a low CPC and has become an alternative to supports such as Twitter and Snapchat due to its segmentation capacity and low saturation, at least for the time being…


Cristina Luengo confesses that she not only lives on the TikTok profilebut also combines this with her Instagram account. For her, reaching the ByteDance platform occurred by chance since she worked as a programmer and published the content she drew on Instagram . “There were videos that started to like and I started making content only for TikTok ” clarifies Cristina.

Lo de Mery Santaolalla has also been the result of chance. This comic- influencer took the leap from Instagram to bring her humorous facets closer to the youngest. “I am very normal and naturalizing the content has been something that has made me different on TikTok ; there, users see people just like them in real situations ”. Although she confesses that the app was downloaded for gossiping, currently she uses her talent to give a return to everyday situations.

Both Tiktokers collaborate with the Influencer Marketing agency Bushido Talent and have shared valuable advice for future musers of the social network of short videos . Here are some of them:

The algorithm TikTok is “generous” with the videos created to attract an audience niche
The videos that work on TikTok do not have to also stand out on Instagram
It is important to generate differentiated and original content for each social network
The freshness and spontaneity are allies of interactions in TikTok
Replicating third-party content is complicated, it is advisable to develop original proposals
Wake-up calls can be encouraged by turning around apparently normalized situations
It is advisable to stop and think about which format will work best before recording.
Look at your followers : the average age is rising on TikTok
Adapt the content to your audience
Investigate and see how the most followed profiles do it and make your own version from originality


In the middle of the debate, Rubén Bastón raises questions of great interest to our followers: how have advertising worked with brands ? And do you really make money advertising on TikTok ? Although neither of the Tiktokers mentions the name of the companies, both confess that they have done their first advertising on TikTok and encourage the firms to join to attract the younger audience. In addition, the visibility on the platform is brutal, explains Mery Santaolalla “when I publish a video I receive comments on the earrings or the shirt I am wearing and that must encourage fear to be lost.” For Cristina Luengothe arrival of brands on the Bytedance platform should be done in a more subtle way through ” close and integrated content “.

In his attempt to get to know the advertising that triumphs on TikTok , Pablo Sammarco asks about the most successful formats and why they are. Here we explain some of the suggestions of influencers for videos with advertising on TikTok :

Premium freshness and naturalness
If you are not familiar with the operation of the platform, let yourself be advised by influencers (they know the content first hand and know how to adapt it)
If you use influential people for an initiative, remember to continue the activity in the profile after this
Remember to give a return to the commercial strategy so that it fits in the video support and manages to capture the attention of the audience you are targeting
Humanize the brand , show your teams, share their imperfections and give visibility to your most natural and close side
For Mery it is very good that the brands give the guidelines, but they should also listen to the Tiktokers trusting in their professionalism: “they must have confidence that we know how to use that content to sell their product.” A note: Cristina has done very well to use songs from the featured playlist for her collaborations.


We got to a very interesting point, can you make money with TikTok ? The answer is clearly affirmative. In the debate the temperature rises when we talk about diamonds and billing figures . If you are new to this TikTok you’re probably wondering what is a diamond ? For the platform, a diamond is a compensation format that TikTok offers creators exclusively during live shows , similar to Twitch donations: viewers can ‘donate’ diamonds to their fans.

It is then when we arrive at the next discovery : 100 diamonds are 50 cents! Cristina and Mery agree that it is not easy to live only on TikTok , at least for the moment, although it is very good to have the video platform to earn extra income or promote a second social network.

Although there are advertising videos of different lengths and each of them has a budget, TikTok influencers differentiate between collaborations that are carried out in a timely manner and those that occur periodically . In any case, to get the account to rise in number of followers and interactions, it is important to upload videos with a certain frequency (every two or three days) so that the algorithm does not forget about us.

In addition, the Tiktokers recommend taking care of the quality of the videos and analyzing the statistics of the profile to see what it is that pulls the most on TikTok . About the number of hashtags in the descriptions, 3 or 4 words related to the topic are enough, no generic tags ! Mery insists that you have to naturalize everything and connect with people because her maximum purpose is to show closeness to her followers.

But how much does it cost to collaborate with a Tiktoker of Cristina or Mery’s level? As the latter has revealed, an average price per video in a specific action is 400 to 1000 euros , depending on the duration of the same. Obviously, in the event that long-term collaborations are hired, those costs will go down.


The differences between Instagram and TikTok and their evolution in the short-medium term have been analyzed below by these influencers who see different opportunities for each platform depending on the content and the audience we are targeting. The idea is that both coexist because the content and the audience are very different: people are used to watching short videos on TikTok and on Instagram looking for other things.

In any case, the engagement rate in the ByteDance tool shoots up and this is an opportunity for profiles who want to grow with it if they strive to generate content on a regular basis. ” You just have to try!” Mery Santaolalla explains while Cristina Luengo invites future Tiktokers to lose their shame and try from the trial / error.

Next, Pablo Sammarco shares the experience obtained with the agency’s TikTok profile . The General Manager at The Social Media Family expresses his optimism to influencers and adds that new tools or changes in trends must be investigated daily. Finally, Rubén Bastón takes the witness from the consultant to invite companies to investigate, give a return to the corporate image and incorporate humor to “humanize the brand”.


In short, it is important that we learn to move in the tide of ephemeral video from naturalness or resort to the advice of these two expert Tiktokers from our webinar : Mery Santaolalla and Cristina Luengo.

Tiktok is becoming one of the social networks with the highest engagement rate , clearly being a platform to keep in mind within our business strategy. If you want to discover the ‘universe’ of TikTok ads from the hand of a professional, contact us . To finish, we can only emphasize … thanks again for participating in this initiative! We have learned a lot from you.