If you see a lot of content on Instagram lately that annoys or offends you, we have excellent news for you. The app already has an option to handle sensitive content . You can now limit the amount of sensitive photos and videos displayed in the Explore section. Thus, Facebook wants the experience of using Instagram to be safe and enjoyable for anyone.

It is worth clarifying that “sensitive content” for Instagram is one that does not break the rules of the social network , but that could annoy some people. For example, sexually suggestive or violent posts are considered “sensitive content.”

This new feature follows the same lines as other Instagram tools that came before , such as the one that allows you to remove or disable comments on Instagram or the one that blocks offensive direct messages . Anyway, let’s see how to use this new option.

How to use Instagram Sensitive Content Control


To make use of the sensitive content control of Instagram, you must follow these steps:

  • Open the Instagram app .
  • Go to Settings (tap your profile picture at the bottom and then tap the three lines in the upper right corner).
  • Select Account .
  • Tap Sensitive content control (or Limit sensitive content).

Clever! In that section you can choose how much sensitive content you want to see on your Instagram. Specifically, you can choose these three options:

  • Allow : with this option you will allow Instagram to show you any type of content, regardless of whether it may offend you or not.
  • Limit (the default option) : You will see a certain amount of sensitive content, but not all as Instagram will block some photos or videos that may annoy you.
  • Limit it further : you will see absolutely none of the sensitive content that the Instagram algorithm detects. Obviously, if the algorithm does not identify some posts that annoy you as sensitive, you will continue to see them.
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Depending on the type of Instagram account you have, they may only appear to choose the last two options . The Allow option, for example, is not available to people under 18 years of age. Oh, and you can change this setting whenever you want.

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The Sensitive Content Control feature of Instagram is now available worldwide for all users. It is not necessary to update the app to use it , although if it does not appear then update it. Give it a try and then tell us what you think.