How to Write a Standout Marketing Resume

Marketing Resume
Marketing Resume

As a good marketing professional, surely you are an expert in creating or capturing the needs of your clients, and growing their sales, right? Be it products or services.

But are you capable of applying all your knowledge and strategies to “sell” yourself as a professional?

Do you work your job search tools as you would with your clients? Let’s focus on that. Or, at least, in one of these parts: How to make a resume to work in marketing.

Before making your Resume for marketing

To give you a clearer idea, let’s first see what you should take into account before starting to write.

Study your buyer person

That is, research the company and the target position.

Is it that whenever you create a marketing strategy, you define your buyer persona well and think about their pain points and needs, to solve their problems with your product? The same with your resume.

Find out as much as you can:

  • What do you do.
  • What values ​​do they have?
  • What is your biggest source of business.
  • Your position in the market.
  • Who is the recruiter?
  • Gossip to employees on LinkedIn.
  • What projects have assets or futures.

You can even see the opinions of people who have worked there on websites like Glassdoor or Infojobs.

Define your value proposition

Now that you have all the information, you just have to think about your value proposition based on that. That is, in personalizing and adapting your resume.

To do this, find out what sets you apart from all the other candidates, and analyze your strengths and skills that can benefit the position and the company.

Then, create the appropriate and personalized CV for that company, and include keywords that you have detected in the job offer, or from your specialty, highlighting your personal or professional skills.

The key to a successful CV is to make sure you create the CV with the profile of the ideal candidate they are looking for.

When making your Resume

Next, we will see the important aspects when making your CV thinking about getting a job in marketing. Take note!


Your resume must be visual, attractive, and different from the rest. Think that it is the first thing they will see about you as a professional. Therefore, try not to go unnoticed by the recruiter.

An easy and quick option, which will give you good results, is to rely on a modern CV template that suits you and conveys professionalism.

Here I leave you several downloadable and 100% customizable options, which will also serve as a guide to write the content of your resume.


Employers don’t have time to read every resume they receive from cover to cover. Therefore, it is essential that your resume is brief, easily scannable, and well structured, and oriented to what you want to highlight.

It has to be readable at a glance. Do not write very long paragraphs, or try to write 5 pages with your entire working life. You can help yourself with titles, subtitles, sections, bullets, capital letters, bold or with some color. And remember to make good use of space and margins.

Sections to make a marketing Resume

Personal information:

These are basically your contact details, name and surname.

Put them in an important and visible place on your resume, and also add your social networks in this section (only if you have worked on them).

LinkedIn is a must, but you can include other social networks if they are for professional use or put links to your website, blog or your portfolio so that they can see examples of your previous work.


The photo says a lot about you and you know it.

Therefore, choose a photo that conveys the right message. One in which you look professional and favored. With good light, a clear, uncluttered background that is not distracting.

Recommendation: 100 times better if you come out natural and smiling.

Professional profile:

Essential. Add a short message summarizing your career path, strengths, and accomplishments.

You can even tell aspects of your personality that may be interesting to “sell” you better.

So, you know, don’t underestimate the importance of this section.


Required the position, the company, dates and responsibilities and achievements.

Here remember that it is important to adapt your resume to the company. So take the opportunity to use the keywords that you have detected in the description of the job offer and also those of your profession.

Not only in this section, of course! But especially in this one. And, if you can, include numbers to show the results you’ve achieved.


If you have a higher degree in Marketing or similar, perfect. But also.

Include any other courses, trainings, or certificates that are in line with the Digital Marketing position.

It all adds up. And depending on the position, it is not always necessary to have a university or regulated degree for the position.


This is one of the key sections (along with experience) that recruiters will look at. Give it the attention it deserves.

You can include:

  • Personal skills that you think are necessary and possess : creativity, strategic vision, teamwork, autonomy, flexibility, negotiation skills…
  • Professional skills that you master: Google Analytics, Ahrefs, SEMrush, Mailchimp, Hootsuite, Metricool, PPC advertising on social networks, WordPress…

It is best that you choose the skills that are required in the offer and that you present them in a clean and tidy way using bullet points or bar graphs.

Other sections:

Think what other sections would be interesting:

  • Freelance jobs or University projects.
  • Your publications either on blogs, on LinkedIn or in the written press.
  • References or recommendations on LinkedIn.
  • Teaching experience.
  • Related certifications.
  • Samples of your work on Behance, Domestika or even on Instagram.
  • Awards or Recognitions.

Conclusions to make your marketing Resume

No one knows better than you that the image is important to sell when making a CV. Therefore, it is best to use a professional template to stand out. It will save you time and effort, and it will help you stand out from the rest of the candidates.

Remember to put links to your portfolio or your website to complement the information on your resume, show examples of your past work, and give them an idea of ​​what you can contribute.

Finally, do not forget to personalize the content with what the company is looking for. You must highlight the aspects of your profile that are important for the vacancy in order to convey that you are the ideal candidate for the position.