Hide your online status and easily stay offline on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the number one social networking service for several million people around the world. Allows one or more WhatsApp users to connect to each other with an Internet connection. They can chat via instant messages, video and voice calls, share files as attachments, etc. With WhatsApp, you can share emojis, stickers, and GIFs to be more expressive while chatting. Messages and calls are encrypted from beginning to end and therefore cannot be accessed by anyone other than you. WhatsApp cares a lot about users’ safety and has incorporated several security-related features. For example, it allows users to unhide their profile photo. In the same way, anyone can show that they are staying offline but still using WhatsApp. Do you find it interesting? Enter the article to know how to show offline on WhatsApp from here.

How can it be shown offline on WhatsApp?

Follow the procedure below if you do not want to show your identity on WhatsApp.

(1) On your smartphone (Android / iOS), launch WhatsApp.

(2) Click the menu icon (three vertical dots) on the Android home screen. For iOS, select Settings in the lower right corner.

(3) Select Settings (gear icon) from the drop down. (Android only)

Click on Settings

(4) Also, choose the Accounts option .

Select account

(5) Press Privacy on the next screen.

Click on Privacy

(6) Choose the necessary options like Status, Last seen, Profile picture, and hide it.

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Disconnect on WhatsApp

(6. a) Tap on Last seen and choose the Nobody option.

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Hide the last time it was seen

(6.b) Select Profile Photo and click Nobody.

Convert anyone to profile picture

(6.c) Click About and select Nobody.

Keep “About” visible to anyone

(6.d) Similarly, choose Status and click Nobody.

(6.e) Finally, press the slider to deactivate the reader receiver .

Turn off Read recipient

Techowns Tip: Always update your WhatsApp to the latest version.

Try this alternative way!

  • You can hide your Online status on WhatsApp by forcibly stopping it. For example, Settings > Apps > Downloaded Apps > WhatsApp > Force Stop WhatsApp.
  • Activate Airplane mode on your device to temporarily hide your online identity on WhatsApp. This will allow you to read the messages and the story, but the recipient will know that they have read when they turn on the Internet.

It is about hiding your identity online or showing your identity offline on Whats