negative reviews from Google

Today, thanks to the internet, we can get an idea of ​​what our experience will be like when trusting the products or services of a company. For example, when going to a restaurant, who has not searched for the opinions of other customers on Google?

Or when choosing a mechanic to repair the car, who has not worried before comparing the comments that other people have left about each of the workshops?

Google created several years ago a very powerful functionality for this type of situation: Google reviews. This, when searching for a certain business on the network, shows us its location, photographs, how to get there, the option to save or call, the menu if it is a restaurant and its reviews.

From the customer’s point of view, everything is an advantage. But sometimes, from the point of view of the company, there are some complications.

Receiving a negative comment on Google can damage the image of a business. What can we do about this situation? Here’s how to remove a Google review and possible alternatives if this isn’t possible.

Can a Google review be removed?

The first question of all is the most obvious. Could it be that Google lets us delete a comment that we don’t like? The answer is no. We as business owners cannot manipulate negative reviews. It is not possible to delete or edit them.

Google is very blunt in this regard. And in part, we are grateful that it is so. Otherwise, these comments would be worthless. And we would lose the benefits that they throw at us when they are positive. However, although we cannot remove reviews from Google directly, there are some alternatives to solve this incident.

Let’s see what this is about.

Talk to the person who posted the review

The first answer we can give you to the question of how to remove negative Google reviews is to talk to the customer who left the comment. To do this, before the most appropriate thing is to show yourself understanding with their annoyance.

Ask him what happened to him and how the company can compensate him so that he has a better memory of you. These types of actions are highly effective. You can even go from having an irritated customer to a loyal customer and prescriber of the brand.

Keep in mind that we are all human and we can make mistakes. But when we really show ourselves that way and are sincere in our intentions as a company, the customer’s perception changes completely.

When you correct the fault, you can politely ask him to remove the comment. This person will be able to do it easily from their Google profile.

If the customer asks you “how to delete a review I did on Google”, you can explain that they just have to go to Google Maps / Contributions / Reviews. There you will find the delete option.

Flag the comment as inappropriate

Another alternative that we propose on how to remove a review from Google is to mark it as inappropriate. Of course, by carrying out this action you do not guarantee that Google will eliminate it.

First of all, it is to prove that it is a fake review, not a comment from a dissatisfied customer. Google will only remove the review if it is false or does not comply with their policies. To mark the review you must go to Google Maps, search for your company, locate the review and click on the three vertical dots and then do the same on “Mark as inappropriate”.

Next, Google will ask you to explain the reasons why you want to report the review. We anticipate that it is a very slow process.

Provide a response to the customer

Even if you try to remove Google my business reviews, we recommend that you respond to the dissatisfied customer’s comment first. Otherwise, the image of the business will be significantly affected.

And it stands to reason, fewer people will decide to trust a company that has provided poor service to other people. Therefore, provide an answer and, as we said in the first point, contact that person to try to correct the error and compensate for any inconvenience caused.

If after this, he responds to your comment with a positive review, your brand image will thank you. It is something very important when doing B2B business .

How long does it take for Google to remove a review?

This point is very relevant. The longer the negative review spends on your Google business profile, the more customers you will lose. Two situations are possible.

If you ask the user to delete their comment, as we have explained before, you should know that it will be deleted almost instantly. But, if you choose the option to mark the comment as inappropriate, you have no idea how long it takes Google to remove a review.

It is practically impossible to give specific data, since each case is different. Google wants to make sure that the comment is false, it is not going to remove it simply because it is negative.

The objective of the platform is to show the comments and experiences of other people with total impartiality. With which, the most recommended in the first instance is to opt for the other two alternatives that we have mentioned.

To finish, we advise you to use Google alerts to know everything that is being said about your business. And, above all, whatever solution you choose, don’t forget to take care of your customers. If you do, this type of situation will be practically nil in your company.