virus on my mobile

The online world is full of advantages. Practically at the click of a button we have access to information and data on any topic or issue that concerns us.

This was something unthinkable a few years ago, but it was even more unthinkable to carry it in your pocket. With the arrival of the Internet on mobile devices, this potential increased considerably.

And is not for less. Thanks to the accessibility of these devices, we can contact that friend or family member who lives hundreds of kilometers away from us in a matter of seconds, or check the last email the boss sent us.

In addition, with the current fiber, landline and mobile offers, no one is left out. There is a rate for each type of person. In this sense, companies like Adamo take fiber optics to any place, including rural areas and new urban areas.

Enjoying the best features, speed and prices, both companies and individuals and gamers can enjoy the best Internet connection.

However, we must be aware of its risks and, especially, be alert to possible viruses on your mobile. If you were to be infected, all your information could be exposed. And, in that case, how to clean your mobile from viruses?

We will talk more about it below!

How to know if my mobile has a virus?

This is the question that many ask themselves when they detect an anomaly in their devices. And, yes, when this happens to you, it is likely that there is a virus on your mobile.

And what are the most common symptoms that could warn us of this? Let’s see them:

  • Increase in data usage. Although most of us have  unlimited mobile internet rates and this does not concern us, we should check if the data usage corresponds to the real one. Because otherwise, we could be infected without knowing it.
  • Constantly crashing apps. If this happens to you frequently, you may have malware trying to steal your data.
  • Increase in your bill. Another way to answer the question “How do I know if I have a virus on my mobile?” is to check your bill. If there is an expense that stands out from the usual, you should check your device.
  • Rapid battery drain. Keep in mind that even if you are not using your device, mobile malware or viruses are. And this causes the battery to drain quickly. Another quite noticeable symptom.
  • Unknown apps appear. If you see an app that you don’t remember downloading to your device, it could be another sign that something is wrong.
  • Overheating. This is something that is associated with excessive use of the device. But if it happens to you frequently and while you are at rest, it may be a mobile virus.

Excessive pop-up ads. And finally, how do I know if my mobile has a virus? The appearance of ads is normal, but if they appear even when you are not in the browser, sound the alarms!

How to remove a virus from the mobile?

If you have definitely confirmed that your mobile is infected, it is time to see how to remove a virus from the mobile. Let’s see the most effective solutions that can be carried out.

➽ Remove suspicious permissions

Whenever we install a new application on our phone, it asks us for permission to access some of its features. If the app in question is malicious, we will unknowingly be opening the doors to a virus.

How to remove virus from mobile? Review these permissions and remove those you consider suspicious.

➽ Uninstall malicious apps

Another problem we face is the installation of apps from unknown or suspicious sources. Be especially careful when downloading apps that make dubious or illegal promises or invite you to click on a link.

However, if you still believe that any of your applications are harming your phone, do a checkup and remove those that you consider dangerous.

➽ Restore your device

And if none of the above works, the definitive answer to the question “how to remove viruses from my mobile” is to restore the factory settings. In this way, we will eliminate any trace of malware.

Detecting and removing a mobile virus can be complicated. But if you have contracted a high-speed internet service, like Adamo’s, and you feel that it slows down, it’s because something is wrong.

In that case, we recommend applying the above measures and keeping a close eye on their behavior.