refresh your online branding

Summer is a season of the year that traditionally tends to pose many difficulties for those businesses that record a large part of their activity on the Internet. Many of them, especially those that offer seasonal or cold-related products or services, see how their online sales fall precipitously and find it very difficult to get engagement and interaction from their users at this time of year.

In the months of June to September, it is common for most people to enjoy their vacation period and disconnect a bit from their routine activity. It is the ideal time to spend a few days on the coast with family or friends, enjoy a long and leisurely meal, relax by the pool, read a book or listen to music on the beach.

Mood also has a decisive influence, and summer is a period in which the biological rhythms of people can vary.

In addition, some of these businesses often make the mistake of abandoning or leaving aside their activity in the different online marketing channels , because it is time to take vacations and there are usually fewer people in the office. To combat seasonality and that your business does not suffer, it is important that you reinforce your online branding strategy and adapt to the circumstances.

How to maintain the online visibility of your brand?

In itself, summer is a complicated time for certain sectors, so the fundamental advice that you must follow to the letter is not to abandon your online activity. Although your human and economic resources decrease, you must organize yourself so that your digital strategy is not affected by it.

In this sense, it is important that you be proactive and that the drop in traffic to your site and, consequently, the drop in sales does not take you by surprise. You must count on it and prepare yourself so that the impact on your business is as little as possible.

Forecasting, planning and automation

In order not to lose the rhythm of activity on your blog, website or social networks, an interesting alternative may be to automate tasks and processes in the months prior to the arrival of summer.

Plan the work for these dates so that you can schedule the publication of your content with a constant periodicity, so that your users do not perceive the feeling that you have made a summer break in your marketing strategy. You can also schedule your shipments in advance in your email marketing campaigns and your newsletter.

Investment in advertising

To prevent the online presence of your brand or business from suffering a setback in the summer and sales from falling, in addition to maintaining activity, you may have to consider the possibility of making a small investment in advertising.

It is possible that your business works well during the rest of the year and that you do not need it, but in this difficult time it can be vital to attract new users and refresh your image.

You can choose to launch your campaign through Google AdWords or generate ads on social networks like Facebook. The investment will be minimal and the results, however, could lead you to counteract the harsh effects of summer. Keep in mind that people are still active on social media even at this time of year. It just makes it harder to get their attention.

Promotional ideas for summer and holidays

Consumers remain permeable to brand messages at this time of year. Therefore, it is important that you adapt to the circumstances and offer something fresh and different to ensure that your visibility grows or is not affected by the arrival of summer.

1) Offer current and simple content

Take advantage of the fact that summer is a time of relaxation and disconnection for your users and generate current and light content to connect with them. You can choose themes related to summer without falling into the error of giving a feeling of padding or banality.

2) Take the opportunity to network

Summer is the ideal time to establish synergies or develop new collaborative projects with other brands or businesses. Unity is strength, and joining forces with other businesses related to your sector can be very productive.

3) Launch special and ephemeral offers

The feeling of temporality is something that is present at this time of year, so taking advantage of it to launch promotional campaigns and special offers of limited duration can have a positive impact on your business. You can generate in the customer the feeling of an unrepeatable opportunity and increase the value of their shopping cart or capture the attention of new users.

Some examples of success

Estrella Damm has managed to identify itself as one of the brands that kicks off summer. Their commercials are short films in which the message of the importance of enjoying the little things in life is launched. Through small stories narrated in paradisiacal places in Spain, its strategy is closer to branded content than to advertising in its most traditional sense.

A specialist in taking advantage of seasonality is El Corte Inglés. Every year it launches campaigns in which it associates a series of sensations typical of each season of the year to its products. And take the opportunity to present its new promotions and collections. This important firm welcomes summer as a time of light, activity, color and joy, encouraging its users to renew their wardrobe.


In short, the most important thing to combat the negative effects that the arrival of summer may have on our business is to be active and adapt to the circumstances. It is essential to develop strategies that seek to capture the attention of our users causing a sense of impact.

Investing in advertising, launching new promotions, adapting our message to seasonality or networking can help us straighten our course in these difficult times.