Tik Tok as we all know is the new social media platform that gave rise to many stars. However, just like any other platform, to gain followers or prominence, one has to work hard for TikTok as well. Apart from that, certain tricks can be of help too. But the tricks won’t work if you do not have access to a stable Internet service like Cox Internet packages or the like. However, if that is taken care of, have a look at these hacks. They will aid you in growing your account quickly. 

Work on the Profile Picture

The profile picture on the social media platforms indeed matters a great deal. Because people create an image of you and your personality after having a look at it. Although it sounds unfair, it is true. Therefore, you should put an effort into making your profile picture look friendly. People should not think of you as arrogant or proud after having a look at it. And if that happens, they would not likely follow you. 

However, if you feel that a picture is not what you want as your display, you can also choose to opt for a video. Most of the TikTokers opt for videos. 

Get the Profile Right

Once you set your picture/video, you need to work on the content of your profile as well. Try to be original and make it a point to convey to the audience that what is it that you want to communicate here. In this way, the followers get to decide whether they would like to engage with your content or not. If you find yourself lost, you should have a look at the influencers who are your inspiration so that it is easy for you to make the perfect profile. 

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However, make sure that you do not copy anyone as that will create issues for you. There is a thin line between copying and drawing inspiration, you should be able to differentiate. Another thing that many influencers avoid is using the call to action button. Do not hesitate. As there is no harm in inviting people to check out your videos.

Share Other Channels

Use your TikTok account to share your other social media accounts as well. If you wish your followers to have a look as to what content you are posting on other channels, then you should provide a link. And same holds for you posting your TikTok account link on other platforms. You should do it as then you can get more people to visit your TikTok profile. Because many people are still more active on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. 

Short Videos

No one has the time to watch long videos as everyone is busy in their lives these days. Therefore, if you are into recording long videos, you won’t be much popular with the audience. As they will skip it and will eventually stop reviewing your content. Therefore, you should put up content that interests the audience. 

And the average attention span of the TikTok audience is short. So, no matter how exceptionally good your content is, people won’t watch much of it. Please do not take this lightly, as TikTok tends to increase your reach only if people are watching your videos till the end. 

Popular Songs

Something that you can benefit from immensely is using prominent songs in your videos. Did you know that TikTok gained prominence because of the songs? That is what makes it different from all other social media platforms including Facebook, and Instagram. 

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If you are planning to ignore this aspect as well, think twice as TikTok will prefer your video more if you incorporate a famous song. Thus, allowing you to grow faster. 

Famous Hashtags

Apart from songs, famous hashtags will make you more prominent on TikTok as well. Therefore, look out for trending hashtags and use them in your content as much as you can. Not only will you get famous on TikTok if you sue these hashtags but your chances of getting featured on various hashtag pages will also increase. 

However, you do not need to worry regarding how popular a hashtag is as TikTok makes its recommendations as well. 

So, now you know the ingredients for becoming a famous TikTok star. Fast internet service like Charter internet or the like, a smartphone, and creativity along with some tactics are all you need!