Instagram feed
Instagram feed

It is very possible that on more than one occasion we have come across a beautiful Instagram feed that we would have liked to have.

The truth is that we can all have our feed on Instagram by dedicating some time to it.

Still don’t know how to do it? This interests you:

What is the Instagram feed?

First of all… What is the Instagram feed ? Basically the first content that will be found as soon as you access your profile. This means that any profile has a Feed, regardless of whether it is more or less careful.

Why is it important to have a good Instagram feed?

We must understand that the Instagram feed is like our cover letter . Being the first contact with our profile, it is a key factor that could determine our success.

Through the feed you can know if a person spends enough time working on your content. You can also identify what style it has, if it manages to transmit something, if it defines its identity and the differential values ​​compared to other feeds.

Types of feeds on Instagram

You will better understand the concept of the Instagram feed knowing the main types :

·Colours: this feed is identified by showing certain colors through the photos. To make this type of feed on Instagram, it is essential to previously choose a color palette.

·Horizontal: this type of feed is based on ordering what is going to be published in the horizontal rows of the feed. For example, we could make the first 3 have a white color, the other 3 a red color, etc.

·Vertical: if you wonder how to make an Instagram feed without having much time, this type is the most interesting. The idea is to think about what is going to be published in the 3 columns of the feed. As differentiating criteria we can use criteria such as color, content or style.

·With frames: this feed helps to make the images more visible. To do this, we can frame them using colored or white frames.

· In the form of a board: this type of Instagram feed is very suggestive, since it allows us to alternate posts of different styles, always repeating the same pattern.

· In the form of a puzzle: it is one of the most used types of Feeds. The idea is based on the creation of a background with decorative elements: on it we will add images or valuable content. Now, it is also the most complicated to create.

There are many other ways to get your ideal feed, but these are the most common types:

Tools to organize your Instagram feed

To make it easier for you to get beautiful Instagram profiles, here are some tools you can try:

· Canva : is a tool designed to shape the design of your feed. With a completely intuitive interface it is possible to add images, fonts, vectors, among other elements.

· Instagram Fonts : This alternative offers us a preview to know how the fonts would look like in your feed before deciding to make the change in question.

Applications to plan the feed:

·Planoly: It is a completely essential application due to the functionalities it offers. On the one hand, it allows you to plan posts and stories so you don’t have to always be aware of the feed. It also allows you to preview before applying any design.

·Later: it is an even simpler alternative than the previous one to order feed and program your publications as soon as you have accepted the new design. It is very intuitive, with just the right functions to fulfill its mission.

Keep in mind these ideas about the Instagram feed and you will see how you can create one that lives up to your expectations.