SEO consultant
SEO consultant

Getting a good search engine ranking, especially on Google, is what we all want when we launch a website or blog. After all, to achieve the goals of a site, whatever they may be, we need users to find us.

Optimizing your website and working with an expert SEO consultant is a fundamental part for search engines to index it in a good position and for users to find your information in their searches.

However, despite the importance of improving SEO, it is very difficult to keep up with positioning trends. For this reason, many brands hire the services of SEO consultants and experts to guide them in this ever-changing field.

Google, aware of this need on the part of brands, provides its own advice in its help guide for Search Console with which to find a good freelancer with an understanding of SEO.

SEO is something that I love and to which we must give a lot of value. Therefore,  today I bring you a summary of the key points to keep in mind.

Why should you have an SEO consultant in your company?

Before we delve into how to find and hire a professional SEO consultant, I think you should know exactly what SEO is and what its benefits are .

SEO is search engine optimization or search engine optimization That is, it is the process of improving the visibility of a website in the organic results of the different search engines.

Google, the most popular search engine in Spain, takes into account many aspects within a site to decide its position for related searches.

There are two terms that summarize well everything that Google takes into account to position a website; authority and relevance.

  • Authority:  It refers to all the techniques that improve the popularity of a website: link building, social media strategy, newsletter, etc. The important thing in this aspect is that there is a lot of good talk about the site.
  • Relevance:  It is related to the quality of the content. If when a user does a search for the keywords related to your site, your content is better than that of the competition, your site will be better positioned.

Working on the SEO of your website is the best way for users to find you through searches. It is important that the expert consultant in SEO positioning (freelance or internal) that you choose knows the techniques and developments in the sector well.

The actions related to SEO show their results in the medium term, since they take time to take effect. If the one you choose is not a good professional, your website can be damaged , and you will not realize it until a considerable period of time has passed.

Tasks to be performed by the SEO consultant

Among the advice that Google gives to take into account when hiring an expert SEO consultant, it has developed a list of the tasks that this professional should carry out.

Depending on the situation of each brand and its website, the list may be more or less extensive, but these are the actions that Google considers essential:

  • Review of the content and structure of the site:  The SEO specialist does not have to be the one who writes the content, but the one who reviews them to see that they are oriented to SEO objectives. Similarly, she must review the code of the website or blog.
  • Technical assistance in the development of websites:  Connoisseur of trends in SEO , must be able to advise regarding hosting, redirects, error pages, use of JavaScript, etc.
  • Research on keywords:  It is he who must know the most searched keywords, the competition, the evolution of each one, etc. And the possibilities of the company to position itself.
  • Collaboration in the development of content:  It is not the person who should develop any type of content, but it should help in the strategy of keywords that are going to be used.
  • Management of online business development campaigns:  If the brand is going to launch an advertising campaign, for example banners on other sites, the professional SEO consultant must manage the landing pages, the sites where they are located, the relevance of the clicks, etc.
  • Experience in specific markets and geographic regions:  SEO must be worked within the scope of each brand. Therefore, the expert in charge must be the one who knows the market situation in that area well, and the direct competition, in terms of keywords and positioning.
  • SEO training:  In addition to the rest of the tasks, the hired expert must commit to always being up to date and aware of changes in the Google algorithm.

Google tips for finding a professional SEO consultant

The Google search engine is constantly changing to guarantee the best results in each search. For this reason, it gives all kinds of tools and advice to the webmasters of each web page , in order for them to use them and optimize their sites.

Hiring an expert or having the services of a freelance SEO consultant is a very important decision that can improve a site and save time, although it is also a risk if the professional does not have enough experience.

If malicious techniques are used, or work is done without a strategy behind it, Google will penalize that site and show it among the last results, or even eliminate it.

If you are considering hiring an expert to help you with your website or blog, it is important that you take into account the advice that Google gives to hire the services of a freelance consultant.

Basic questions

To improve the SEO of your website through an expert, it is best to know him well, and above all to know his experience with other brands. A good reference is to know how often it is updated, attends courses or participates in talks related to the subject.

Google has developed a list of questions to ask in a job interview before hiring an SEO professional . I recommend you take them into account when selecting a candidate:

  • Can they show you examples of their work and share experience with other clients?
  • Do you follow Google’s webmaster guidelines?
  • Do you offer any online marketing services or advice to complement the organic search business?
  • What kind of results do you expect to obtain and in what period of time? How is the proper functioning of the site measured?
  • What experience do you have in the sector in which your company operates?
  • What experience do you have in the country and city where your company operates?
  • What are the most important optimization techniques you use?
  • How long have you been in this business?
  • How would you communicate? Will it inform you of all the changes made to the site and offer you detailed information about its recommendations and their justifications?

It is possible that whoever is in charge of conducting the interview does not know anything about SEO positioning. However, he will see how the candidate responds to these questions, and will be able to assess if he is the right one.

It is recommended that you be predisposed to provide regular information about your work , that you know the sector well and, as I have already said, that you are willing to stay in constant training.

6 Tips according to Google

Some unethical SEO experts have harmed the industry with aggressive strategies and attempts to illicitly manipulate search engine results.

Practices that violate search engine guidelines can negatively affect a site’s presence on Google or even cause it to be removed from search.

When hiring an SEO positioning consultant, Google gives a series of important tips that all brands should take into account before launching. These are tips that should not be forgotten or overlooked:

  • Do not trust SEO positioning companies and consultancies or web agencies that constantly send SPAM.
  • No one can guarantee you the top spot in Google rankings, let alone perennially.
  • Do not trust a company that is secretive or does not clearly explain its intentions.
  • They should never force you to link to their sites. If it is not relevant to your sector, it may even end up being negative.
  • Choose with common sense, do not be guided by technicalities and anglicisms. A good SEO consultant will know how to explain everything in a simple way.
  • Make sure you understand what they are going to do with the money.


As a final tip, I recommend that if you are thinking of hiring an SEO specialist, spend time reading the information that Google provides on this sector.

It is not necessary that you know everything about SEO, but having some notion will help you when doing an in-depth interview.

Working on the SEO of your website is very important to achieve a good result in Google searches and that users can find you. If they like your content, they can pass from users to customers.