email marketing strategy

Email marketing is one of the most used strategies and one that generates the best results in attracting, converting and retaining customers.

Factors such as its proximity, its segmentation capacity or the ease with which we can extract data, make it a very powerful tool. But… what should an email contain to be highly effective? Or, better said, how to design an email so that the user feels comfortable with it?

Next, we are going to describe a series of recommendations so that you can easily create your emails and make them attractive.

The importance of design in email marketing

The content of an email is a key element in its results. However, the way it is displayed plays a fundamental role that we should not overlook.

The layout can zoom in or out a reader. And you can make a user read it to the end or close it right after opening it. This is just one of the reasons why it is important to know how to make an email with design, but there is more.

Let’s see what are all the compelling reasons to give importance to design in email marketing .

  • Hold the user’s attention. The first reason, as we mentioned, is to capture and retain the user so that they read everything we have to say. In this way we will ensure that our message reaches him in its entirety.
  • Higher click rates . Once you know how to design email marketing, you will see how your click rates increase. Which means your email conversion rate will too.
  • Ease of reading on any device. If the responsive design of the email is included, it can be read comfortably on any device: mobile, tablet or computer. Which is somewhat relevant, if we take into account that most users check their email from their mobile.
  • Usability. Another element that is enhanced by a good design is usability. An email must be designed in such a way that it is easy to read, but also to take action through the different links.
  • Interaction. Finally, if we want users to interact with the email, the design must be well taken care of. No one will respond to a careless or unprofessional email.

How to design an email

Given the importance of knowing how to design an advertising email, it is time to provide recommendations to carry it out. Next, we will mention some resources that you can use to create attractive, friendly and responsive emails.

free templates

All email marketing tools incorporate predefined templates that we can use with just one click. It is true that they offer few customization options, but they can be useful to get started.

customizable templates

These offer better results than the previous ones. We can find paid, but also some free. The best thing is that they are mostly adaptable to all types of devices. We suggest you take a look at these 870 customizable responsive email marketing templates .

custom programming

Another option is to create your email in HTML. If you have programming knowledge or the help of a professional, you can make a custom design. Of course, the cost may be higher.

Resources to speed up reading

Whether you use a template or not, what we always recommend is to add resources that lighten the weight of reading. In such a way that it is comfortable. For example, through emojis, titles, subtitles, space between paragraphs, clear buttons…

Custom header and footer

Finally, you can create a simple template from your own corporate email header and footer. This will give a more professional look to your emails.

Now that you know how to design an email, we hope you get down to work. Implement your email marketing strategy and bet on one of the highest converting tools.