We know very well that the advertising that is valuable for viewers is the one that generates value for brands , as well as that video content is the most attractive today. On Facebook they also know it and that is why they have shared some tips to create the best video ads on their platform that can be very useful for your next campaigns.

What the video experience is like for viewers

We all enjoy good video content, but what we expect when watching a friend’s video about their beach vacation is not the same as what we want to enjoy when we return home and look for a good movie or series on Netflix.

According to Facebook , people ‘s video experiences vary greatly depending on the situation of each user: videos are viewed superficially and for a very short time when we are in discovery mode during the day (to connect with friends, celebrities or brands and discover the newest), while on the other hand these video experiences become longer and more deliberate  when there is time and attention for longer consumption (such as on streaming video platforms or TV).

But age is also a factor to take into account.  Age has been proven to affect how content is viewed. Facebook ensures that video ads have less attention from young people (between 18 and 24 years old) than from those over 65

In this way, video advertising solutions should be based on the insights we have mentioned, and that is why Facebook has developed various formats in order to show the best video ads to your target audience.

Adapt your content to achieve the best video ads

Facebook has shared the following tips to take better advantage of the information about your audience and their viewing behavior, so you can create the best video ads on its platform:

1. Match your message with what people expect from their experience

As mentioned before, the motivation and behavior of users differs according to what they are looking for. An example that Facebook shares is that the videos in its stories can be a great opportunity to present previews, exclusives or a “behind the camera” that can create expectation.

On the other hand, In stream ads will be perfect for longer narratives about a new product or reaching a new audience that requires more information.

2. Design ads tailored to your audience’s viewing behaviors

Currently the attention span is extremely short , so short ads work best not only on mobile, but also on television.

However, on mobile devices you can personalize ads to the extreme . For example, according to Facebook’s demographic data, the best video ads for millennial women would be a maximum of 6 seconds, while if you want to reach an older population you can use a longer format, about 15 seconds, for example.

3. Measure performance based on where the video ad will show

Comparing the amount of time your video ad was viewed in a given environment by a given audience will help you assess the creative quality and effectiveness of your video ad, however if you compare the duration (how long it was viewed) in different environments and with different audiences you can get misleading conclusions.

It is important to take the appropriate metrics , such as online and offline conversions or the increase in brand awareness, so that you can evaluate the real impact   and choose the best video ads for your company.