The visual support that a presentation entails is, on occasions, the fundamental piece to achieve the objectives proposed in front of a meeting. It is a visual resource that helps you guide the speech and redirect the attention of those involved in the meeting.

With a good design, content and structure, the image of the company and the specific project, including the speaker, is strengthened. At the same time the message gains strength and effectiveness.

For this reason, we believe it is essential to help you learn how to make a presentation that is really good and helps you achieve your goals. We are going to see in this article the types of presentations for meetings that there can be and how to make one to attract the attention of those who are listening to you.

Why is it important to create a good presentation?

It seems that today going to a meeting with a presentation in Power Point or in any other simple editing program like Visme is a basic. We take it for granted that whoever exposes the ideas is going to present some kind of graphic resource, and we prepare the project or the computers even before we know if this is the case.

But why is it important to create a professional presentation in business meetings? We tell you how this tool can help you:

  • Guides the speech: It helps you follow the thread of your speech and gives you support if at any time you lose your way or do not remember the following points that you are going to deal with.
  • Capture attention: Helps to capture the attention of the interlocutors and keep them within your speech. It prevents them from getting distracted and helps them to read and reinforce concepts when they are not clear with your speech.
  • Summarize the ideas: In each slide it helps you to summarize the main points of the specific topic, eliminating the distractions of the spoken discourse.
  • Explain difficult concepts: Sometimes relying on an image, a diagram or a small infographic is very useful to explain concepts that can be convoluted when explaining them in words.
  • It’s deliverable: This is one of our favorite points. At the end of the meeting, you can deliver the presentation in a digital or physical version so that your interlocutors can take it away and study the ideas carefully.

Essential features in a killer presentation

When thinking about how to make a presentation, you have to adapt to the needs of the moment. Every audience is different, and the goals of that meeting will determine what to include in the presentation and what to avoid.

To help you in this task, you should know that there are professional tools like SlideDog that help you capture the attention of your audience, combining PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, web pages, Prezi presentations or even video clips.

Even so, there are certain elements or basic characteristics that must be taken into account and they will help you with your speech:

  • Graphic elements of the brand: The colors, shapes, fonts and images must be aligned with the brand image. It must be consistent and connected with the rest of the communication elements that are usually used to represent the business. The visual language must be the same that represents the company so that it is understood that there is a joint vision and focus between what you are presenting and what the company is and represents.
  • Coherence in the messages: The presentation must respond to the strategic objectives of the company. It must coherently represent the ideas, principles, vision and objectives of it. It is important that the presentation is consistent with corporate interests.
  • Quality and professionalism: The content and visual image of the presentation must reflect the image of excellence and professionalism that you want to project. In addition, the exposed content must be interesting and attractive. A person’s attention span is short, so it’s important to keep your audience engaged and somewhat entertained.
  • Readability and common thread: The content must have a logical and coherent structure. There must be a common thread that connects all the information that is being exposed to each other and that leads to a final climax.

Types of presentations for meetings

There are many types of presentations for meetings. However, when thinking about how to make a presentation to achieve your business goals, we can summarize them in four main groups.

Let’s see the characteristics of each of these types:

  • Sales meeting: What is pursued with this type of presentation is to sign a sales agreement. They are purely marketing meetings and are usually full of figures, listings with features and many technical aspects. However, you should not lose the attractive and persuasive speech that will be responsible for convincing and closing the sale. On this occasion you have to know how to highlight the benefits of the product or service, and convey trust and integrity.
  • Annual, monthly plan or for another period of time: These are very corporate meetings. It is a meeting in which the work of the business will be guided during the coming months. It can be addressed to employees, collaborators, suppliers or any other agent that is related to your business. It must have visually very attractive and dynamic content that reinforces the corporate identity and is positive about the future.
  • Presentation of a project: Presentations of this type are very strategic, they must highlight the most important points for the recipient and they must stand out for their image of professionalism and excellence in the field. The speech must be very organized and linear since it is about something new that the interlocutors do not know.
  • Presentation of results: This type of presentations are the most serious and concise. Here numbers and numerical results should be presented, highlighting successes and areas for improvement. Presentations for this type of meeting should be clear and simple since the content is usually already dense on its own.

How to make a professional presentation?

In professional presentations, a series of content and design elements must be taken into account when representing the company in a coherent, truthful and professional manner.

It is important to focus the content and image of the presentation on the public that is going to be held, as well as on the expected results. After all, no two meetings are the same, so no two presentations should be either.

Next, we are going to see what elements you should take into account and how to deal with them, but not before offering you the possibility of downloading an editable ppt template so that you can use them in your own talks.