WordPress theme
WordPress theme

WordPress is one of the most used platforms today to develop all kinds of online projects. It is used to design corporate websites, services, online stores, and of course blogs, for which it was initially intended.

It’s quite common when starting one of these projects to use a free standard template. And it is a good way to start, but there comes a time when it is usually necessary to purchase a Premium template to achieve a more professional web space and in line with the identity of our brand.

“To know how to choose a WordPress template to your liking, the first thing you should know is what you need, what your goals are and what you should look at before choosing one.”

Therefore, in this post I will give you answers to these questions and I will tell you which are the most popular templates 

Where to buy a WordPress template?

Well, okay, it may be that choosing a template will drive more than one of us crazy with so much variety, styles, functionalities… And here it doesn’t matter if we are experts or not, the fact is that when the time comes we have to make a decision.

To start by softening this topic a bit, I’ll tell you about some of the most popular buy directories where professional designers sell their own work, although as a free download option you also have other sites like Templated .

  • Themeforest : My favorite platform, since it is the WordPress directory with the largest variety of templates cataloged by score (with a maximum of 5 stars), which serves as a first reference to choose the most recommended one, and with a fairly average price. affordable, around $50.
  • WooThemes : This platform was created by the developers of WooCommerce (plugin for electronic commerce) to offer different download options, the cheapest being those that are of their own creation.
  • Elegant Themes : This platform has already captivated more than one web developer, not because of its variety of templates (since it is quite limited), but because of their quality, all at a standard price.
  • StudioPress : This is another platform that also works under its own creations, using the “Genesis Framework” technology, with prices that do not exceed $100.
  • TemplateMonster : If you are looking for something “big”, here you can get a directory of more than 50,000 Premium templates, not only for WordPress, but for any type of CMS (obviously, we are already talking about somewhat higher prices).

At first, the option of a free template may seem more tempting, but from experience I confirm that “cheap is expensive”.

As I said at the beginning, they may be fine to start letting go of WordPress, but not to have a professional and quality page.

“If you want your WordPress template to meet your basic requirements in terms of functionality and design flexibility, choosing the right one from the beginning will save you a lot of trouble later, and any web designer can confirm this for you.”

What types of WordPress templates can you find?

In order to choose a WordPress theme that is a good fit for your business, regardless of whether it is free or paid, you have to know what types of themes are available and thus determine which one fits the type of website you want to build.

For this, I recommend that you make your own sketch on paper to have a first idea. Something very interesting about the shopping platforms that I have mentioned to you is that they allow you to search for templates by theme.

For example, you can choose your WordPress template to give visibility to your personal brand on the Internet, or to talk about different current issues such as health or fashion.

Here are the most common examples of template categorization:

  • Corporate or personal branding

This type of website requires a strong brand presence, with a predefined space for the inclusion of the customized logo and different contact forms, social networks or “ about us ” sections.

In addition, having a blog that supports the marketing strategy, as well as the optimization of content in SEO terms, is more than essential for a corporate image or personal brand that wants to grow on the Internet.

  • Blog or portfolio

There are those who only aim to make a recognized space in specific sectors, such as copywriting, design or photography.

For this, it will not be necessary to have all the functionalities that the common web incorporates, but a space to post content will be sufficient.

In this case, you must have a good hosting that supports the weight of the images and plugins or widgets that allow you to structure the content by categories; most read posts, recent or related articles, etc.

  • Tienda Online or e-Commerce

If you are thinking of dedicating yourself to electronic commerce, your WordPress template should include more specific features focused on displaying products, facilitating sales through a platform or shopping cart, as well as a contact form to retain customers .

Including a blog to talk about the products and give advice is also usually a good option on this type of site, as well as including sales plugins such as WooCommerce, since many are free.

How to choose a suitable WordPress Template?

Having said all this, the awaited moment arrived. Now yes, let’s see what your criteria are, what do you ask for a website to be to your liking (bearing in mind that you can’t have everything).

A first criterion, which I am going to ignore, is the price. While some may have budget constraints, making a reasonable initial outlay is ultimately an investment in support, security, and design quality.

As I mentioned a few lines ago (although with a little dedication you can get a good product from a free template and they serve very well for a first trial), opting for a paid or Premium template is a decision that would hardly be made. to consider to obtain a quality result.

That said, let’s get to the point with the important aspects when choosing your favorite theme:

➽ Easy to install

Since installing a template involves a whole process of tasks to be done, a good option is to go for one that, although it may lack some other advantages, is easy to install (especially if you decide to do it yourself).

In this infographic you can see schematically and visually illustrated all the phases that comprise the installation process of a WordPress template:


➽ With good technical service

Most of the most popular templates are easy to use to adapt to different businesses. But it may happen that sometimes doubts arise, or that the theme does not work well due to some compatibility problem.

For this reason, it is important to have a good technical customer service. A service of this type will help you solve all your doubts and guide you when you need it.

It is important that this service has a short response time and that they personalize the messages, serving each client with dedication and care.

➽ Updated frequently

Both WordPress and the plugins are updated very frequently to adapt to the needs of security, users and Google.

It is necessary that the template you choose undergoes constant updates to adapt well to this rapid evolution of the Internet. If it is not updated, it may end up being incompatible with some of the tools, causing problems on your website.

➽ With a design that captivates

This may sound obvious, but of course, why not? You have to like your website, since it will be the space in which you will show your project and reflect the brand image that you want to give.

It is true that “for taste, colors”, but you do not have to be an expert to have certain preferences in terms of colors and structure of the content (and if this makes you a world, you can always ask for references to those who understand more about the subject ).

But wait a minute, not everything is bright colors and cravings, remember that in addition to choosing the design that you like the most, you have to opt for the one that adapts to all types of devices (that is responsive). Some even include a “retina ready” design, to work on high-resolution screens.

➽ Look like another

You may also have been inspired by the design of another page to design your own. To know which template has been used in its design, you can choose from several options:

  • Contact the blogger or website owner directly.
  • Check the references in the footer of the site.
  • Utilizar herramientas como What WordPress theme is that y WP Theme Detector.
  • Take a look at the source code of the website.

➽ With a lot of personality

In addition to ease of installation, you have to think about what comes next; customize template settings; “ Does your template offer enough customization options in the Admin panel?”

Think that these features will allow you to make structure and design changes without having to touch any code, which is really useful (and in many cases necessary).

If the template you love doesn’t have these options, you can also install a free plugin like Visual Website Editor, or invest a little more in a paid one.

➽ Fast and “SEO Friendly”

Talking about loading speed and SEO optimization at the same point can be like mixing oil and water, but in reality these two concepts go hand in hand, since since 2010 Google considers speed one of its most important SEO factors.

So, now you know, to make a proper selection you need to search through all the WordPress templates optimized for SEO.

Although many themes come with a demo to check the loading speed, for this there are useful tools such as GTmetrix , Google PageSpeed ​​or Website Test .

To ensure that the programming language is valid for all types of browsers and search engines, you have tools such as CSS Validation Service  or HTML Validation.

➽ Attractive, to sell “to sack”

Another important question if you are going to dedicate yourself to selling more online is if the template is compatible with WooCommerce.

However, you do not only have to take care of appearances if you have an e-Commerce, since all of us who have a website, directly or indirectly, are trying to capture an audience and sell them something, be it a product or simply , brand image.

Getting a quality template from the beginning is the basis of everything, and not only will it have to be adequate to meet your needs, but it must also meet the expectations of the users, or all the efforts will have been in vain.

➽ No security “holes”

Regarding the issue of security, there are many aspects that we must take care of, so first of all you must be proactive and read the references of any template well before acquiring it.

The same goes for the hosting server you hire, or the plugins you install, since not all of them are equally secure.

To reinforce security, some of the most important aspects are:

  • Trusted hosting, which performs automatic backups.
  • Make a regular copy of files.
  • Have an updated WordPress version.
  • Install a secure template and plugins.
  • Use secure username and password.

➽ Very international

For those who also think about the possibility of including content in several languages ​​(something that will have a very positive effect on positioning), it is necessary to have a template that supports the necessary functionalities to make the change.

Without going too far, and to shelve this  extensive section recommend, if you are looking for a multilingual site, the installation of one of the most popular plugins for this, such as qTranslate  or WPML .

What are the most popular WordPress templates?

Obviously you do not have to choose one of the most popular WordPress templates or themes, but it is true that if they have reached that popularity it is because they solve user problems well.

We are going to see very above which are the most popular. You can enter the website of each one to expand the information and see if they fit your needs:

➽ Bridge

It is one of the most famous thanks to the fact that it is a multipurpose theme, that is, it is valid for a wide variety of web pages, blogs or online sites.

It includes the Visual Composer plugin, with which to easily work on the design, and also several options to create sliders. Their customer service and support is very good, and with the basic package it lasts for 6 months.

In addition, it is important to keep in mind that it is a fairly secure template and combined with a specific plugin you can achieve a website without any problem of this type.

➽  Open

It is one of the oldest if we take a look among the most popular WordPress themes. Many times its end has been predicted, but it is continuously tested and improved, so it always ends up adapting to the new needs of users.

One of the most important aspects of Avada is that its user guide is very extensive and explains each aspect in depth. Therefore, it is a very good option for users who are just starting out in the WordPress world but are clear that they want to invest in a theme.

➽  Theme

If there is something to know about BeTheme, it is that it includes more than 300 pre-established templates on which you can start working.

Its customization options are among the most extensive on the market, and also, thanks to its history, today it is compatible with almost all the plugins on the market, especially the most used ones.

➽ Divi

Divi is another of the classics and has just launched its third and most updated version, totally renewed.

This theme has its own design and customization tool. It is easy to use and very powerful, so you do not need any other plugins added.

There is a whole community formed around this topic and users share their designs and their works to allow others to adapt them to their needs.

➽ Atelier

It is a multipurpose template, but it is especially used to create online stores, of all kinds of products and services.

Atelier is a fairly new theme, but its ease of use has made it quickly become popular among users.

It stands out for being one of the ones that best adapts to all devices and types of screens. The others are also responsive, but Atelier stands out positively in this regard.

➽ MeetUp

This OnePage template has only one function: to promote events. It is especially used to create landing pages when announcing an event online.

➽ Capella

Capella is designed to create restaurant web pages. In fact, it includes among its functionalities a plugin to manage reservations online.

It includes different options to present the menu, with prices, photographs and all the nutritional and allergen information.

It also includes sliders with all kinds of visual and navigation possibilities. A very visual and easy to use template for both the business and the users who visit the website.


Each business has its own needs and its own objectives, so when creating a website you have to carefully assess the options and how they adapt to each one.

Opting for a CMS is a very good alternative to launch online projects. The question is knowing how to choose the most suitable WordPress template.

Premium versions are my recommendation, but before buying one you have to see what they offer and what you will need.