Social proof is a concept that is extremely useful to any online business looking to increase sales. It essentially describes an approach to marketing where the company can show others that their product or service is actual and worth something. In this case, social proof is all about proving that your business exists and is successful. There are several ways to ensure that your social proof is strong and effective in driving sales. Below is a list of tips that should help you increase the power of social proof.

Social groups

The best thing about social groups is that it’s incredibly easy to convince people to join your group. Simply offer something for joining the group, then entice more people to join with free or inexpensive offerings. If you can offer a product at no cost to potential members, this will significantly increase the number of people that you have on your list. This also gives them a taste of what it’s like to be part of a growing business.


By blogging regularly, you can quickly amass quite the list of people that are interested in your products and services. This makes it incredibly easy to market to these people over again. A great place to start is by creating an actual blog, which can be easily maintained and updated regularly. One great tip is to link to your blog post in each of your sales posts. If you don’t link to it in the post, people won’t realize that you’ve been paying to get traffic from this source. It’s a great way to build your social proof, and drive traffic to your website.

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Sales posts

Using an autoresponder to send an automated email to your subscribers is a powerful tool for bringing sales. You can quickly and easily use your autoresponder to send an email with a link to your sales page for very little money out of your pocket. This will drive more traffic to your sales page and give you more opportunities to use your autoresponder in a number of different ways. It also puts your prospects in direct contact with you, which is a big step towards building social proof. This is how you can learn more about what your prospects want. If you don’t have a sales page or blog, you can easily learn how to quickly build one and see how it can grow your Ecommerce conversation.


Use forums to your advantage. Offer valuable information to your prospects on a subject that you’re passionate about. If you have something of value to share, people will be more likely to join your list. Offer free tips and tricks in your forum signature, and you can grow your social proof even further. The better your signature looks, the more people will trust you and become a subscriber.

Product reviews

If you own a product that you haven’t reviewed yet, start doing so. Post reviews for your products on product review sites like Amazon and other retailers. The more reviews that you write, the more people will gravitate toward your product based upon how well they feel that you’ve written their review. Social proof is a powerful thing, and reviews are a great way to promote a product.

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Exposing your business

Put out a press release online or in a local publication detailing some of the best things that you’ve done and introduce yourself. Be sure to put your URL at the bottom of the release. People love websites that do a great job explaining themselves. If you have an ecommerce conversation already going on in your head, this is a great way to start out. Let people know what you have to offer. If you have a blog, include your URL as well.

Use other people’s blogs

You can use other people’s blogs to create hype about your own product. For instance, if someone has a blog about pet care, then you can mention that you have information on pet care. Don’t spam the blog by doing this, however. Just mention that you’ve read their blog, that you’re interested in the topic, and that you might want to incorporate the information that they have into your own website. This is a great example of how social proof can grow your ecommerce conversation.