Build a Website

How much does it cost to create a website or ecommerce? Well, it depends… It depends on whether a custom design or a template is required, whether it needs custom programming or works through plugins or whether, for example, it is Woocommerce vs Shopify (among other things).

And it is that, in addition to knowing the price of developing a website, when it comes to eCommerce, specific questions arise such as “is Woocommerce or Shopify better?” Because, thanks to dropshipping, Shopify has become really very popular in recent times.

How much does it cost to make a website or online store is the eternal question that many companies and professionals face before venturing to position their brands on the Internet, since the answer they always get is “it depends”. No more.

Today we are going to get into this swampy terrain so that you can get an approximate idea of ​​how much it costs to make a professional website for a company, freelance or e-commerce business and, thus, get to it yourself.

How much does the design of a website or ecommerce cost?

If discovering how much it costs to make a professional website or ecommerce for a company is a challenge, it is not because independent designers, programmers, small or large marketing agencies have been eaten by the cat, but because before asking ‘how much ‘ you have to specify ‘what’.

And why do we say this? Because, just to start with, there are tons of types of web pages that adapt to some needs or others.

For example, web development for a hotel or ecommerce with a long catalog of products does not involve the same work and cost as designing a personal blog.

It depends, yes, it depends… on whether you want to set up a static website with a crappy and outdated template (which your friend on duty can do for free) or create a website that gives your brand a presence:

  • Content management features.
  • Elaborate design.
  • Multi language.
  • Registration and user access.
  • Shopping cart.

How to check how much it costs to create a website?

If you are looking to launch your business and check the price of a website, it is very possible that a priori you have no idea about the process for it and you cannot answer many of these questions.

But if you inform yourself a little before asking for a quote and answer (at least) some of them, you will be making it easier for them to give you a tighter quote:

  • Do you need a completely new website or do you want to redesign the one you already have?
  • Do you need to buy a domain or hire a hosting service?
  • Do you only need the design or the programming as well?
  • Do you want to reduce costs with a CMS such as WordPress, Drupal or Shopif? Or do you need custom programming?
  • Do you have any idea about the result you want or any website as a reference?
  • Do you already have the contents or do you need to update them frequently?
  • How many pages and features do you want your website to have? Will it be just a single page landing page?
  • Is it an ecommerce to sell physical products? How many products are there?


➽ Types of website for online businesses

In short, to know how much it costs to make a professional website for your company or online business selling physical products, you must first determine what type of page you need.

It is likely that you do not know exactly what suits your needs, and that the agency you decide to work with will help guide you. Even so, surely your idea fits in one of the types of web page that there is. Knowing this will help you when checking how much it costs to have a web page designed for you:

  • Corporate or presentation web page : Among the web pages for companies, this is the most common type. Include a section about the company and the team that works for it, describe what the company does, what products or services it offers, where it is located, and what customers it has.
  • Landing page : These types of landing web pages are aimed at lead capture campaigns. These are websites that the user reaches after clicking on an online advertising campaign. Here a specific service or product is promoted and user data is requested and another type of action that is expected of them.
  • Online catalog of services : It is very similar to the corporate website but includes detailed information on each and every one of the services offered. Users can contract the services here or contact the company. It is usually a more complete website than the corporate one.
  • eCommerce : An online store where users have access to buy products. It can be just an eCommerce or also include a part of the corporate website that describes the company. These are usually created with WordPress and Woocommerce plugins , to add all the products you offer and configure the internal pages.
Note: One of the main advantages of working with Woocommerce is that it is a completely free CMS that also offers us a large repository of plugins (many free). However, there are other aspects that give Shopify an advantage, such as ease of use or hosting on its own server.
  • Creative portfolio : It is especially for freelancers or design agencies, although today there are many other creative profiles that use this type of page. It serves to promote the work carried out and work on networking.
  • Corporate blog : Your company may already have a website and what you are looking for is a corporate blog with which to work on content strategy and SEO positioning.
  • Private Areas: A site where certain users can access courses, subscriptions, and other privileges they wish to have.

➽ Elements that define the price or cost of a simple website

In addition to thinking about the type of page you want, you also have to keep in mind what elements are going to be included when asking how much it costs to make a website for your company.

A corporate website with a couple of pages is not the same as one that includes social media widgets, a map or an interactive section. Nor is this the same as an eCommerce. How much does the design of a website with an online store cost? It can cost from €2,500.

Let’s see what basic elements should be included. Keep in mind that from here on the rest will be extras, and as such you will have to pay for them:

  • Menu : To be able to access the different sections of the page, which is accessible and easy to understand.
  • Footer : With the legal information as a minimum. Sometimes links to social networks and a small sitemap are placed here.
  • Slide or image gallery : Graphic content always attracts users more, having a section like this will be very helpful.
  • Contact map : Today the widget with the Google Maps map is almost essential. It is useful for users to see where your business is and calculate their route.
  • Content : With all the information you want to give to users. Sometimes the importance of the copy is not given, but it goes hand in hand with the design to guide and persuade your client towards the purchase.
  • Space for promotions : It is likely that from time to time you want to put up a promotional banner or launch an offer. It’s good to have a space for it.
  • Contact form : Indispensable for users to contact you and to get leads.

This is the basic to start with. From here, there is a wide range of possibilities in the form of widgets or plugins, including custom programming, but keep in mind that this will increase the price of your website.

Is it possible to launch your website or online store for €200?

If we take the euro as the reference currency, it is possible that you will find economic services that promise miracles for €200, or much less!

Of course, you know, cheap is expensive, and if you don’t end up paying for it in terms of loss of online reputation, you may have to necessarily hire a maintenance service with the person who developed your website, which in the long run multiplies exponentially the initial cost.

How much does it cost to maintain a website? Web maintenance is important to carry out security updates, add-ons and integrations or even make changes to the web page to implement new content. You can normally hire this per month or annually (it is more profitable than hiring it as a one-off service, which usually costs between €20 and €50 per hour).
Another important question that you should ask yourself is if your target audience is in another country. If so, you will need to translate your website or implement a multi-language plugin. And, how much does it cost to translate a web page? It is usually around €0.04 to €0.08/word.

More on how much does the design of a web page cost

If your budget to make a web page is tight and you are looking for something under €450, it is clear that you will not be able to opt for too many features or an overly elaborate design.

But how much does it cost to have a simple web page designed for you? Graphic design can be around €250 and web design €800-900.

Although it is possible to get a standard website with some basic characteristics such as the following:

  • Development with standard CMS (like WordPress, Drupal or Shopify).
  • Responsive design.
  • Contact form, cookie policy and links to social networks.
  • Blog.
  • Content management (although limited).

However, in order to significantly increase sales through the Internet, you will need to get a self-managed website that is worthy of representing your brand, product or service and, therefore, adapt your budget and hire additional services such as the following:

1. Acquisition of domain and web hosting

Although you can get a domain and host it on a free site, this has limitations in terms of options and storage capacity. Surely you are wondering how much a domain for a web page costs… The truth is that it can cost you from €10 per year. It’s worth it, right?

WordPress is one of the benchmark economic CMS, since it offers many facilities both to register or buy a domain (with or without the tagline), and to contract or not its Hosting service.

Given that their paid templates (and even the free ones) include quite a few design tools, it is vital to hire a quality hosting service that supports all its features and avoids website crashes (approximate annual cost of €80-100).

2. Custom design and programming

Although contracting these services is the main cause of the increase in the final budget, in the long run these initial costs translate into a higher return on investment.

A web page, if created from a template, costs around 800 euros. But if you need to modify some of the programming or design on that template, the cost can exceed 1,000 euros. In short, these are some indicative prices, according to the needs of each project:

  • A website with functionalities (external apps or private area): From €2,500.
  • Basic eCommerce (without uploading the product catalog to the web): From €2,500.
  • Web 100% tailored to your needs (made from scratch with programming): From €5,000.

3. Other services

Other additional services that you may need after having your website ready are:

  • Website maintenance.
  • Advanced features.
  • Rebranding or web redesign.
  • Content creation.
  • Multi languages.
  • SEO campaigns to improve your visibility on Google.
  • Payment gateway.

Additional services according to the cost of a website

If you want to commit to your web project and decide to invest in additional services to obtain a quality result (which is hardly going to mean an investment of less than €800), you will find yourself facing a great dilemma, since the range of budgets that are to offer is really wide.

The basic and additional costs of developing a website fluctuate from one country to another and, in addition, can be higher if they provide added value, such as:

  • Close and personalized service.
  • Advice and availability.
  • Punctuality in delivery times.

Due to the advantages of hiring a freelancer for projects, a large company can charge more for less. In this sense, the recommended equation is to hire:

  • Optional additional services: No need to contract, for example, a mandatory maintenance service.
  • Tangible value-added services : These must be real, and not in charge of covering the costs of the intermediaries of a large company.