How does online commerce affect packaging manufacturing?

online ecommerce
online ecommerce

How does online commerce affect packaging manufacturing?

The fate of commerce today is very marked by the arrival of the internet, and by how it has been established in our lives at all levels.

The proliferation of online stores is directly proportional to the trust that users and customers place in them and this does not stop increasing, nor does the consumption of materials related to parcel delivery such as cardboard packaging , so necessary for make shipments with guarantees that they arrive in the best possible conditions.

The high number of online stores, as well as the enormous potential of work carried out by large distribution and parcel companies such as Amazon, Glovo or Deliveroo, among others, requires a really high demand for cardboard packaging and all kinds of logistics solutions. . This is the only way to guarantee that each product will arrive in perfect condition at its destination.

We can therefore ensure, without any doubt, that packaging is part of the elements that favor the tremendous success that online commerce is having.

Take care of your package and you will take care of your client

This type of product that we are talking about, such as cardboard packaging, is essential for the transport of goods. But at the same time they fulfill other functions that you may not have taken into account a priori.

They represent the company that makes the shipment, it is an object that tells us about the quality of the work, the seriousness with which it undertakes its functions, and offers us a clear image of the treatment it gives to the objects it sells, a method of essential work so that the customer trusts her again for the next purchase. In contrast, if the packaging is deformed and the product is damaged, the company will surely have lost a customer forever.

In short, the packaging must offer security in shipments and lower costs, therefore it must be a very light material and with specific shapes for stacking, to achieve cost reduction by volumetric weight and by the space it occupies.

Likewise, it will offer the possibility of a good projection of the corporate, serious and professional image, in addition to controlling the costs of product shipments.

A responsible online company cannot be understood if it does not use the appropriate packaging, which is an essential part of its production model. For this reason, the businessperson or entrepreneur must spend time and resources on issues related to packaging, which includes finding the most appropriate packaging for their products. Packaging is considered a silent seller, since with it we are not only selling quality and safety, but we are building customer loyalty.

Keep in mind that these elements can be used for multiple marketing actions with a simple print on them, or by giving them a twist that makes them different. You may:

  • Placing the corporate identity on the packaging.
  • Add extra information about the product or its maintenance.
  • Offer discount codes for future purchases.
  • Facilitate transport with ergonomic packaging.


Each element that is used to develop an action that is related to your business conveys something about it. From a simple box to a brochure, an instruction sheet or any other format. In addition to thinking of them as mere tools to achieve your goals, you should analyze what other marketing utilities you can give them.