Chrome Extensions
Chrome Extensions

You already know that the Google browser is one of the most used worldwide. In addition, its features and extensions for Chrome are increasingly popular among professionals and online businesses from all sectors.

Google Chrome offers solutions for almost any professional, but it stands out especially for the large number of applications and tools it offers for marketers, web developers and designers.

For this reason, in this article we want to review the main 11 extensions for Chrome, which in addition to supporting the work of our design team, can help you improve visual aspects of your business on the Internet.

Extensions for Chrome that will help you with your designs

The extensions of this browser are as numerous as the apps that you can find in the Play Store . There are all kinds of them and they solve a wide variety of issues and problems.

Focusing on those that concern design-related tasks, we are going to see a few that allow you to find colors, fonts, images, etc.

Also, many of these Chrome extensions give us information about other projects, and sometimes let us know where to find those same resources that have already been used successfully.

1.WhatFont _

Have you ever seen a font on a web page that you thought was great? You may not have been able to figure out what it was. This is exactly what WhatFont does. You just have to upload the image of a font, paste the URL or point to the text of a website for this extension to tell you everything you want to know about typography.

2. Font Playground

This tool allows you to check how a certain typography would look on a website, all in real time. You can choose from over 10,000 fonts, so the options seem endless.

3. ColorPick Eyedropper

It works like the WhatFont, but this time with colors. If you have entered a page whose color has been striking to you and you do not know its code, this tool will provide it to you instantly, whatever it may be.

4. Color Contrast Analyzer

It is a tool focused on the correct legibility of a text and visual contrasts. Simply add the information and view the preview of the result.

One point in its favor is that it includes conditions such as color blindness or cataracts so that you can check how a person with these characteristics would see it.

5. PicMonkey

It’s an online photo editor with which you won’t need to previously download the image to edit it. Its options are overwhelming and very well developed, so it offers dynamism and ease of editing. A direct alternative to desktop editing applications.

6.Drag Design

An ideal tool for those who want to design a web page but do not know where to place it according to what things. It allows you to drag group elements from your website or separately so you can see how the result would be. It has a simple to use and easy to learn interface and you can edit full text or by paragraphs.

7. CSS Remove and Combine

With this extension you can remove deprecated CSS language from your web page by creating a new layout sheet that only contains the CSS in use. Sort and optimize style sheets in a single downloadable file. A tool to keep in mind when it comes to managing files and space.

8. Page Ruler

This is one of the least known extensions for Chrome, but it has very interesting uses.

It is a rule that allows you to measure the elements of a website, in terms of pixels and the distance to other elements. Page Ruler will show you all the data related to the measurements of the pages. You can also add a specific sector to analyze through an editable box.

9. Lorem Ipsum Generator

It provides an elegant and fast way to create default texts. The options are unlimited: you can choose the minimum number of words, letters, phrases and distribute them the way you want. It is ready to use after installation, but then you can customize it however you like.

10.Muzli 2

For every new tab you open in Chrome, Muzli 2 offers you different web page layouts. It doesn’t excel in features, but it’s great for any day when you’re not feeling particularly inspired and it gives you ideas in spades.

You can also see design trends, news and articles.

11. Designer Tools

It is a complete extension for Chrome that has multiple tools inside. An identifier of the typography of a text, a tool to inspect the color tablets of a page or to know the limits of a site are some of them. Practically a very reliable “all in one”.


When it comes to improving your image on the Internet, whatever the sector, it is very important to have a good understanding of the best tools to work more productively. It’s not just about looking for the most popular ones (or the ones that are fashionable), but about finding those options that will help you optimize your work and be more efficient.

Many people do not value applications as small as browser extensions, but they can really make a difference in the day to day of your business. Chrome extensions are the most numerous on the market and currently help a lot in areas related to design, marketing and communication.

What other browser extensions do you use in your day to day and do you think are essential?