Glocal SEO
Glocal SEO

As a tech-savvy marketer, you would have done everything to get your SEO up to date to make your brand highly visible in the domestic market. Launching your products in international markets is the next big step, and since the home market SEO is working well, you can assume that translating the keywords into a foreign language will work equally well. However, you must appreciate that the audience in a foreign country does not just speak another language but also uses it differently and searches differently. They may also be searching for different things or even other attributes in the same things. If you take a step back, you will be able to appreciate that international customers not only come from different geographies but also belong to different cultures and have their preferred content formats and even search engines. If it seems complicated, you need to understand what Glocal SEO is and how you can implement it.

What Is Glocal SEO?

As far as the term is concerned, Glocal is a combination of the words global and local. It is a simple concept for executing SEO on a global scale on the building blocks of many different local SEO campaigns. Because it needs to combine the best of separate local SEO campaigns, it can be incredibly complicated to execute when entering a new market. According to Tomedes, 46% of Google searches are for local content. Some key concepts of Glocal SEO:

Take Into Account the Local Competition 

When you enter a new international market, it is quite likely your target audience will already be in a relationship with local companies that may not be on your radar as competition. You will need to conduct a content gap analysis where an essential element is local keyword research. It is vital to do it from scratch and not rely on translating the keyword you are using for your existing site. You should also analyze the services offered by local companies for each audience type and their ranking on local searches. Small local competition can be strong and differ from each other across geographies. 

To successfully drive your brand visibility, you need local marketing and language expertise that will enable you to translate your web content. You will also need to perform competitor research on various aspects like the range of services, popular content formats, and keywords. Understanding the cultural environment of the new markets is essential for successful marketing.

Focus On Creating Videos Based On Glocal SEO

Video content is among the most popular formats that appeal to the target audience. However, you must find out if your local target audience loves videos and engages with them instead of assuming it. Instead of rushing into the video content creation process, you should take time for an analysis of the more successful video formats. Things like the amount of text, human interaction, gender of the presenter, and even the preferred dress code can significantly affect the engagement rate of the video. 

The local audience may prefer local actors they can identify with rather than people from alien cultures telling them what they should buy. You may even need to have videos with a high degree of interactivity, like instant on-screen commenting, or how-to-videos that may rank high. You may even score better with live streaming videos for conducting flash sales. The point to appreciate is these audience preferences can be highly localized, and you need to tailor your content and SEO accordingly. 

Consider Tweaking Your Content Formats & Channels Wherever Necessary

You need to realize that once you plan to go international, you may need to modify your content formats and the way you leverage channels. The marketing tricks applicable to boost your SEO at home, may not be suitable abroad. Moreover, the way to present and leverage blog posts will be determined by audience preferences. It would help if you considered various aspects of your target audience. Are you catering to an audience that needs tremendous visual support? In such a case, are they happy to connect using pictures of individuals they seem to identify with? Or do they have a preference for diagrams? 

Learn about your audience’s preference for colors and their cultural implications. Is your audience looking for digestible or easy-to-comprehend content formats like bullet points? Are they aiming to achieve efficiency? Is your target audience looking for a formal approach or do they incline toward an informal approach? Glocal SEO demands that you treat every audience and region as unique. Localization specialists will assist you in understanding the way audiences are interacting with diverse formats and channels in your specific target locations despite diverse digital marketing frameworks and cultural differences.

Glocal SEO Requires Local Expertise & Technology

All relevant questions may be tackled with data, however, it takes expertise for filtering what is relevant, interpreting it correctly, and translating the findings into successful content. The perfect technology will always come to your aid. However, remember that man is always smarter than any technology. Glocal SEO optimization is possible only if SEO specialists fulfill their jobs well. Glocal SEO experts should focus on: 

  • Finding the relevant information that suits your precise purpose.        
  • Validating the data and information relating to your targeted market and analyzing it accurately.
  • Enhancing it and forecasting future trends.

In case you have a highly specialized product line, ensure that your local SEO expert knows everything about your product. Even the local linguists should have a proper understanding of your product range as they will be responsible for generating content for specific markets.

Incorrect Payment Method May Adversely Impact Your Business

Remember that even with highly-localized channels and content, you will fail to generate any sales if the payment options are not adapted as well. Visa or MasterCard doesn’t seem to work in every corner of the globe. There are nations where you cannot imagine creating sales if you fail to integrate seamlessly into domestic portal payment options. In several nations around the world, it has become compulsory to checkout via apps. You need to identify the specific payment system trusted by your local target audience.


Glocal SEO is all about expertise. The Fort Lauderdale SEO Company experts are qualified, trained, and skilled in boosting SEO for your home market. However, once you go global, seek the professional assistance of Glocal SEO experts for a custom-tailored approach for each precise target market.