Genyoutube – Youtube Downloader allows you to download and watch your favourite YouTube or Tik Tok videos. It is a program that lets anyone access your offline media collection, also known as Gen YT.

YouTube provides excellent entertainment. The site is visited by millions of people every month from around the globe. It has an extensive fan base that includes many different categories such as movies, music, and sports. There are many types of videos available in many languages. Genyoutube, or short GenYT, is the best choice if you only have limited data.

What is Genyoutube?

Downloading is easy, quick, and straightforward if you have reliable internet access. This software has the key feature that allows you to download desired videos in high resolution, even 4K. This software Web M, 3GP and MPEG-4 videos are also available for download.

Genyoutube is Where Can I Find It?

Genyoutube generally copies YouTube. It is also available online. It is important to remember that Genyoutube is not available on the Google Play Store or iOS Play Store. Gen YT should only be downloaded from a trusted source.

The Key Features

  • Auto-queue stream
  • High-quality 4k videos download
  • Volume gesture control
  • Downloads available from YouTube, SoundCloud and
  • Background streaming
  • Popup actions
  • Focus gain
  • Importing subscriptions

Formats Supported By Genyoutube

Genyoutube supports different quality export files. For each YouTube clip that you wish to download, you can choose from audio or video formats. Below is a list with supported formats.

  • WEMBM Only when downloaded from a browser
  • MP4 All video players can play this format.
  • M4A This format supports ringtones and phone sound clips
  • 3GP Supported By Old Gadgets
  • MP3 All music players support this format

How to Download Videos from Genyoutube

These are some of the easiest ways to quickly download YouTube videos using this software.


Browse the website to find the video you are looking for. After you have seen the video, pause it and click the download button. Next, select the desired quality to download the video. You can then download the video to your device storage.


This method allows you to download the video by opening YouTube on your smartphone. Next, search YouTube for the desired video and then pause it. Finally, add the keywords “gen” before the URL which is You will then be taken to GenYT’s website by pressing the enter button.

Choose the format that you want to download. It may take several minutes depending on how fast your internet connection is. The download will begin automatically once it is complete.

Is Genyoutube legally allowed?

Users must agree to abide by certain terms and conditions. You can stream content from providers provided that videos are not downloaded or copied. YouTube terms of service prohibit users from reproducing, transmitting, accessing, selling, altering, modifying, or disseminating YouTube videos.

Google can take legal action against users who violate the terms of service. This can be anything from a ban to a civil lawsuit.

Is Gen. YT virus-free?

The site is generally considered to be virus-free. There has been no mention of the website that provides malware to browsers.

As the habit protects against viruses, it is best to close any intrusive advertisements on the site. Install the most recent antivirus software that scans your gadget on a regular basis.

You can browse the software freely by activating a VPN (virtual private network).