technology trends
technology trends

It is no secret that technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and that it is at the service of people and companies, with the aim of increasing productivity and improving our quality of life . New business technology trends are established every year , and in this article you can find the most representative of 2022.  

In 2021, the importance acquired by the development of different technological aspects in terms of Big Data, cybersecurity and digital banking, as well as artificial intelligence, was maintained

Technology has continued to be very necessary in order to guarantee the well-being of many people. In addition, it has continued in a COVID context, in which many companies have continued their activity with their remote workers.

For all this, the technologies that will be a trend during this 2022 will be those that help companies to be faster in decision-making , and that continue to guarantee security at an individual and collective level.

Next, we will delve into the business technology trends that we can find throughout this year. 

Trend 1. Automation and hyperautomation

If automation allows us to do something, it is to optimize time . It is responsible for using advanced technologies (AI, machine learning…) to carry out processes that were previously carried out by humans. This automation will be essential for companies to be increasingly competitive in the current technological and economic context.

Hyperautomation , for its part, is responsible for combining automation with other technologies , such as robotic process automation or machine learning, to develop the automation of much more complex processes where it was not possible before, thanks to the combination of all these technologies. The goal of hyperautomation is to automate almost any repetitive task and create bots to carry it out.

Hyperautomation will not only be a business technology trend for 2022, but for the entire decade, marking success in digitizing a business.

Trend 2. Predictive analysis

Predictive analysis consists of extracting an analytical model from historical data that allows us to predict future behavior with a high degree of accuracy and estimate results.

This trend is very important in the competitive context in which companies currently operate, as it offers a relatively new way of solving old problems. For example, the use of predictive analysis can help to solve future failures in a computer equipment or to reveal in advance potential needs for supplies that may arise in the medium and long term in the company.

Trend 3. Total experience

The total experience (TX ) integrates the experience of the worker, the client, the user and the multi-experience. Its purpose is to improve the overall experience of all internal and external agents and transform business results. Thanks to its implementation, interesting benefits are obtained in the company, such as an improvement in customer service by workers, as they are more satisfied; an integration of company sectors thanks to the reorganization by reducing pain points; or more personalized experiences for your customers.

Trend 4. Computer vision with pattern recognition

This technology does not stop advancing and every time we find it in more daily processes. Pattern recognition is the process of using computer algorithms in order to classify data into objects or categories based on their main characteristics.

The unlocking of information arising from the translation of images and videos is having a great impact on consumers. Sectors such as security or medicine, for example, can achieve great things through this technology.

Trend 5. Sustainable technological trends

Although it is not a technological trend like the previous ones, we could say that it encompasses all of them since it has to do with each one of them.

Issues related to CSR are becoming more and more important, and for a company to bet on technologies that are committed to caring for the environment is a bet for the future.

Using more sustainable materials, or cleaner energy sources, not only will you achieve a positive impact on the planet, but it will also allow you to communicate it as one of your company’s commitments and generate a very strong bond with a group of people who have this factor. very much in mind when making decisions when deciding on a supplier.

Resorting to sustainable technological trends can open up a field that perhaps you had not considered in your company. It is never too late for this, and it seems that in 2022 this trend will take on more prominence. What will surely be maintained, and even accentuated, in the coming years. So it can be an opportunity to get ahead of your competitors also in caring for the environment.

In short, 2022 comes loaded with cutting-edge technology which can greatly facilitate all internal business processes, in addition to adding a differentiating point to our corporation . However, it is important to do a reflection exercise to consider if our company is prepared to introduce these changes and, if so, to know how to act and organize to know how to face these new disruptive models