Email marketing
Email marketing

Ensuring the deliverability of your email campaigns involves following many recommendations, one of which is working on email marketing with a dedicated IP. This is a strategy that has some advantages to prevent your emails from reaching the spam box and negatively affecting the metrics in the future.

One of the aspects that most concerns brands is that the emails reach the recipients and, above all, that they do not end up in the spam folder. There are several ways to ensure that emails are delivered effectively and one of those is the use of a dedicated IP. However, it is worth asking: Is it the definitive solution? Should everyone use it?

Why use a dedicated IP in email marketing

To make it easy to understand, you must first know what an IP is. A simple definition is that it is a pathway, a kind of highway through which emails can travel.

When several mails use the same “road” it can be said that they are using a shared IP. That is, they all use the same means to reach an end.

In contrast, a dedicated IP is an exclusive road or highway. This access is reserved only to the emails of an owner. The advantage in this case is that the messages travel faster and with the advantage that they will not run into obstacles that could harm them.

Now, when IP is shared, it opens the way to many disadvantages for brands. Starting with the fact that joint actions can significantly affect everyone who uses that IP.

That is, if within the group there is a user who uses the IP to send Spam, everyone who shares this IP can be classified as a spammer. Therefore, on a dedicated IP only you are responsible for your actions. Your reputation depends on you.

Advantages of email marketing with dedicated IP

This way of making your shipments has many benefits in terms of deliverability, especially because you can guarantee your actions since the IP is for exclusive use. In addition, there are a number of other benefits:

  • You can be sure that the quality and quantity of shipments will not be affected by external factors. In addition, it is easier to solve problems in deliveries.
  • You can ensure that your punctual shipments are safe. For example, you need to send a promotion that is only available 24 hours. Your exclusive IP will guarantee that this promotion arrives in the indicated time, considerably reducing the errors that may affect the promotion.
  • You control your reputation. Only your good practices guarantee that you will not be rated negatively, nor will you receive penalties as a result of external actions. You will be on a white list.
  • You can make large amounts of shipments. You are not dependent on the flow of other senders and their lists.

What does using a dedicated IP depend on?

The fact that emails from your campaigns land in the spam folder of your contact list is not the only reason to use a dedicated IP. There are a number of other factors you need to take into account:

Shipping Volume

If you make more than 100,000 shipments per month, it is convenient to use your exclusive “highway”, since you can regularize your volume and guarantee your deliveries. However, if you keep a small list, it is also convenient to use it since it opens the possibility of warming up and gradually increasing the sending of emails as a marketing strategy.

Being included in a whitelist

A whitelist is a database that users have requested to join in order to receive communications. In this way, they are not perceived as intrusive or annoying. If you send a lot of corporate emails, this is an effective way to convey information about your products without being considered spam.


Although email marketing with dedicated IP has many benefits, a disadvantage could be its price. These types of mechanisms have a higher cost than that of a shared IP, especially due to the exclusivity that it entails. However, when putting the price-earnings ratio on a scale, it is a budget worth contributing.

If your shared IP is already on a blacklist

If you already have problems in relation to your IP and you have found it in one, or several, blacklists, it is imperative that you change to a dedicated IP. Continuing to belong to this blacklist characterizes you as a negative issuer , which will reduce the scope and results of your campaigns . All of this can translate to lost time, money, and work.

When you have a quality list

email marketing

It is convenient to consider moving to a dedicated IP when you already have a list of quality contacts. It is convenient to clean your database and make sure that you only have active subscribers interested in your material. Remember that this list largely depends on the success of your email marketing campaign .

As you can see, your IP address has a positive or negative effect on your shipments, so it is an aspect that you should pay attention to if you intend to optimize your resources, boost results and go to the next level.

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