Artificial Intelligence

There is a new car that has been given the green light for production, it’s called the electric vehicle (EV). What makes this vehicle so different from other electric vehicles on the road? It’s the fact that you can use your own electric motor instead of using a gasoline engine to power the car. The electric motor takes the place of a gasoline engine in this car. This means no more polluting fossil fuels. In this article I will explain how the Electric Vehicle works and show you how artificial intelligence will be used to improve the Electric Vehicle over time.

First we need to understand how these cars work. As you are driving the car you can take commands from your hands to change gears, activate and deactivate the brake lights, or even adjust the volume of the stereo. The self-driving system monitors the car and determines what actions to perform based on real-time data. Based on the actions the car takes the software decides if you should speed up, slow down, change lanes or make any other driving adjustments.

This is not only a novelty but it’s also expected to become commonplace in the not too distant future. Self-driving vehicles will allow you to work or travel without having to rely on someone else. You will have the freedom to keep your car as long as you wish, eat when you want, and do other activities as long as you want. The future may be a very interesting place to be. Who knows, we may be able to relax in our own private holographic bubble, and escape the world all together.

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How does a self-driving car work? In the future there will be computers in charge of the self-driving cars. These computers will watch the entire roads in real time and adjust the speed and the braking accordingly. Based on the data received from the sensors and the computers the car will make its decisions. In fact the future of transportation may well involve no driving at all!

Will self-driving electric vehicles & artificial intelligence to create a level of anxiety or panic in us? Not necessarily. Some people fear that we are losing the human element of driving, and even our sense of touch. Will we be able to totally replicate this capability with artificially intelligent cars? I’m not sure, but I certainly hope not, and I’m certainly not holding my breath.

Even if we could the question still exists, “Will humans be able to drive these cars?” Not just yet they cannot. In fact some leading scientists have already created and programmed cars with virtual reality capabilities. They are able to react to situations in the future like the way an actual driver would. Although not in control of the future car they can still steer it in whatever direction they desire.

If you’re worried about self-driving cars then try to take a deep breath and relax. The future of the car is far from perfect as we know it today. However it is moving in the right direction with great investments being made by major corporations. In fact Ford has already started developing their own autonomous vehicles. Other manufacturers are following suit.

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Will there be no more gas guzzler vehicles? Indeed, that may be the final nail in the coffin for internal combustion engine powered vehicles. Will drivers be required to perform some other task besides simply driving the vehicle? Well, one possible answer to that is yes. Will they perform tasks such as re-filling the gas tank, looking for a parking space, scanning the roads for obstacles, etc.? Perhaps, yes, possibly yes.