You are looking to delete Facebook stories because you don’t want the “bad” things from your past to re-materialize into your life. But Facebook isn’t doing anything to stop you from using their system. They just want you to do so discreetly. The problem with this, is that your deleted Facebook information still exists somewhere on the social network. So how does a business owner to delete his or her own Facebook account?

There are a few ways to go about this, depending on the situation. The least intrusive is to find the contact information for each individual Facebook profile you want to keep private. This can be done by visiting each profile page and searching for each profile’s name. You will probably need to do this multiple times, because there are likely to be multiple profiles listed in each social network. Then, you will simply copy down the information you want to send an email to each person. It is a good idea to have a pen and paper nearby, just in case.

When sending the emails, clearly state the reason for wanting the deletion of the account. Let the user know that you are deleting the account, not storing it. If you state the reason as “deleting an account to avoid conflict”, they should be able to accept your request. If they don’t, you may want to try another method.

A more intrusive way to delete a Facebook page is to actually create the page yourself. This can be accomplished by downloading a software program to your computer. Once you have the program installed, you will be able to browse through the privacy settings, and delete any page that you want. This method requires at least a computer and access to the Internet. However, it is not nearly as time consuming as deleting an actual profile page.


If you are worried about the security of emails sent to Facebook, you can always use one of the many commercial email services that are available online. These services have large storage spaces and can easily store emails that have been deleted by Facebook. Of course, this information has probably already been seen by others, but it can be hidden anywhere on the web, and you would not know where it had been seen unless you sent the email yourself. This is still a very intrusive way to delete information and is usually not recommended.

Deleting an account through Facebook actually has a few drawbacks. First, there is no grace period before deleting an account. The only time you can erase an account is when it becomes private, and not on a public status. Therefore, if you do not remove the account yourself, it will stay public. This means that anyone who sees it will know what you did, instantly. This is one reason why it is usually a good idea to hide your profiles.

Another drawback is that Facebook reserves the right to mark your account as “private” if you attempt to delete it. This basically means that no one except you will have access to all of the information that is within it. This can be problematic, as we all want more information about ourselves. If someone wants to search for information on you, they must search through your private information.

Deleting information from your account can be a tricky business. One way to get around it is to re-request the deleted information, but this can become problematic if you are asking for your information more than is necessary. Another way to avoid this is to mark the page unread, but this too can get you in trouble. There are many reasons why you might need to delete an entire post, or an entire status update, so if you have an important message to send out to your Facebook friends, it is a good idea to make sure that you do not do it in the wrong way!

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