generate more income

Entrepreneur Warren Buffett said that it is not necessary to do extraordinary things to obtain extraordinary results and it is one of the concepts that we must brand on fire in our heads. 

We often think that it is necessary to be a large company, have a lot of investment or a large group of people behind it to achieve certain goals.

Obviously, we must set our goals and objectives based on the possibilities of our company, but we must not limit ourselves. If we believe that we can achieve it, we have to try to go for it.

To help you in this great journey that is to have a company, we want to give you some advice, earthly and possible, to help you generate more income in this new year.

take a look inside

1. Machines are our friends

You have to lose your fear of technology. Many times, because we don’t trust software and apps, we end up manually doing processes that a machine could do in a few seconds. All the time that we lose is also money that we are not earning. 

The manager or owner of a company can not waste time with the accounts of the company. And he shouldn’t lose money hiring an accountant either. An accounting program is the solution to this problem.

You save time, money and keep everything under control. And this is not only applicable to accounts, there are millions of programs that, for a small price, automate a large part of the daily and tedious actions of a company.

Although it will not directly generate income, it saves us money and time that we can use to think about or carry out other strategies .

2. Unite forces

This advice goes hand in hand with the previous one and they are part of those perhaps more boring, but very useful. As before, you have to be open to technology and an erp program can be the key.

Imagine having accounting, logistics, production and all the other processes of your company unified and connected. 

No more emails, calls or messages in person. In an instant, the logistics manager can notify the production manager of a problem, even if they are miles away. And all this under the supervision of the person in charge, who can intervene at any time.

As we said, these first two points are boring and do not directly generate income, but in the long run they will improve our processes and we will see how they also affect our income.

take care of your image

3. Make it easy to find yourself

If you still do not know what SEO optimization is , we recommend that you run out and find out because you are missing something very important.

SEO is search engine optimization. And if you think that appearing at the top or bottom of the results list depends only on the search engines, you are very wrong.

There are many easy actions you can take from specific content and website improvements to collaborations with other pages.

Find the one that best suits your company and you will see how visits and purchases on your website increase.

4. Video is king

If before it was repeated that the content is the king, now we can affirm that, within the content, the audiovisual is the one that has the best results.

78 % of those who used video marketing in 2020 confirm that it directly affected their sales. 

And what’s so good about video marketing?

  • Clear and easy to understand
  • Helps to remain in the memory of the client
  • It is direct and immediate
  • convince customers
  • It is accessible

And especially about accessibility, do not forget to put subtitles. There are thousands of tools that can help you add subtitles to a video . In this way the message is transmitted to those who cannot hear it, either due to physical or device problems.

5. Email, that great forgotten

If we talk to you about mailing and email marketing, you may think that we are stuck in 2006.

But it is quite the opposite. Without going any further, last year, 80% of those who used email marketing strategies saw an increase in their interactions.

Always keep in mind that there are many illegal ways to get your customers’ emails, which can also cause inconvenience and problems. However, with a good strategy and a reward, they will be the ones who provide it to you and thank you.

It is a great ace up the sleeve to generate income and sales in the weakest seasons.

6. Social networks, the double-edged sword

Whether for our personal accounts or those of our companies, we all know social networks and their benefits very well. Why the dramatic title then?

Not all that glitters is gold on social media. Obviously they are a great way to make ourselves known, reach a new audience, share content, recommend and be recommended,

But not always people come to us for positive reasons. Misuse of the networks or little interaction can negatively affect our image and our sales.

We always recommend hiring a specialist , who can help us create a strategy according to our company. In this way, we avoid encountering a problem that we do not know how to solve and that can affect the economy of the company.

Customers, the basis of everything

7. The importance of a good experience

Customers are the key to any company. They are the ones who, after all, keep it afloat. Many times we forget this and do not give them the attention they need.

Putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes, both in customer service and in the purchase process, is essential. If the process is difficult, tedious or, directly, bad, it is very likely that the client will end up not buying.

However, they also value the improvement in the changes. 95% of customers who had a bad experience are willing to give the company another chance if they know the problem was fixed.

Therefore, all is not lost. If you think something can be improved, do it. And do not forget to make sure that your client knows it.

8. Take care of yours

Getting clients is hard, but keeping them is too. The numbers give us good news, it is 7 times more difficult to get a new client than to keep one. 

And it is in these numbers that many companies stay and forget about the customers they already have. A happy customer, as we will see later, can be very important for a company.

Making them feel loved with personalized emails, exclusive offers or benefits for being good customers will make the customer want to repeat. With very little on our part, we will ensure that a customer does not think twice when they need to buy our product.

9. The chat and the immediacy of the response

Many times customers want an answer now. They don’t want to wait to submit a support ticket or a contact form message.

That time that customers are left waiting for a response can mean a lost sale. 

Implementing a live chat on our website not only prevents us from losing sales, but it can have a much greater effect. Some companies have seen their leads increase by 200% from chat alone.

10. Artificial intelligence to keep them coming back

Artificial intelligence is more than humanoid robots. In fact, it has been present in our lives for years without our knowing it.

In our particular case, thanks to tools such as SEM or Marketing Automation, we can make the machine itself responsible for selling more products.

Either with personalized ads based on visits and interests of the client , as in reminders and automatic pop-ups with offers and discounts or follow-up emails.

If we use them well, we can turn those obnoxious abandoned carts into customers and sales. However, they must be used with care. Like everything, if used in excess, it can be counterproductive.

11. The best advertising is the real one

We can talk about the wonders of our product and service, but if we don’t have real customer testimonials, it won’t be credible.

There is no better cover letter or advertisement than a satisfied customer. A customer who is happy with the experience and the product can be much more than that. Your testimonial can help other customers get to know us or think about buying from us.

Invite customers to leave reviews , post them on your website and make them visible. Also, manage negative reviews. A correct answer and an apology can make someone who was not satisfied change their mind. 

12. In conclusion: stand out from the rest

At the end of the day, the sum of all the other advice is that you get out of the mold. Whether for your product, quality, customer service, service or whatever you think makes you special.

You have to give the customer a reason to choose you. Because you are special? Why your company and not another? If you can’t compete with the competition’s prices, focus on product quality and customer service.

Find what makes you special and squeeze it. Take it to the maximum and make the client know and notice it. If in the end they give you the reason, it is that you are doing it right.