Before starting to get into the subject of how to campaign with influencers , we should understand what influencer marketing consists of . The marketing of influence is a type of marketing strategy based on the use of influential people to convey the message of a brand and reach more people . Therefore, we must include it in our digital marketing plan as one more strategy to achieve the brand’s objectives.

The goal of this type of celebrity marketing is not primarily about interaction, but rather, the association of popularity and recognition of a person with a particular brand . For brands, the most important objective of these influencer campaigns is to capture the attention of a wide audience, instead of specializing in a specific niche.


We define the influencer , as the opinion leader influences positively or negatively in purchasing decisions of another person . The influencers’ goal is to help other people make decisions by conveying a business message in a more credible way, under their own experience.


The profiles of influencers that we find on social networks can be divided according to the motivations when collaborating with brands and depending on the number of followers.

Next, we show you what each type of influencer consists of and its main characteristics.


Micro-influencer : it is the largest group; They have between 1,000 and 50,000 followers . They are able to connect with the audience in a personal way due to the high engagement rates they present.
Macro-influencer : This group has between 50,000 and 100,000 followers . They are usually related to fashion, travel, business and lifestyle issues . They present less engagement compared to the previous group, but manage to reach more people.
Mega-influencer : it is a much smaller group. They exceed one million followers and are the ” celebrities ” of social networks. They have a large number of followers, but have less engagement .


Celebrity : they are the ones who build the brand image, but it is very difficult to contact them depending on the type of brand you want to collaborate with.
Leaders of opinion: with them, the brand will gain notoriety and credibility. Typically, the more followers the opinion leader has, the more credibility he will be able to generate.
Prosumers : are those who directly influence purchasing decisions. Its main function is to activate consumers to trust a specific brand and end up making the purchase.


When carrying out campaigns with influencers , the brand takes into account a series of characteristics for hiring an influencer or another:

The reach that influencers achieve through their publications thanks to their popularity.
The relevance of his messages thanks to the trust his followers place in him.
The engagement they get with their followers.
Conversion: when campaigning with influencers , it is not only necessary for the brand to reach a large group of consumers, but also to obtain the personal data of consumers, such as email, to make more personalized campaigns and be able to convert consumers in customers or leads.


When carrying out campaigns with influencers , all stages of the process are important and decisive to ensure that the actions taken are as expected. Therefore, it is relevant to break down each step to take into account when doing this type of influencer marketing .

The monitoring that must be done of these campaigns, we must do before, during and after launching the influencer campaign . Keep reading the most important steps when creating an influencer campaign effectively and where to run the campaigns .


The first thing to do, as in any marketing strategy , is to establish clear and determined objectives by setting the goals you want to achieve with the campaign, through a simple briefing . On the other hand, it is necessary to do a brief investigation of the influencers and their audience (it is advisable to pass this information to a database, for future campaigns). A good way to find the influencer that best suits your campaign, is to search among their followers with the keywords that define your campaign.

Once the profiles have been investigated, it is time to choose the influencer that best suits the brand and the product or service that you want to promote. At this point, we must take into account what kind of influencer we are going to target. For small companies, the most recommended would be the use of a micro influencer , while if you are an already consolidated company you can try to contact influencers with more followers.


During the time that the campaign is active, it is essential to keep under control everything that is published on your social networks , both by the influencer and his followers. For this, it is necessary to monitor the actions of the selected influencers as well as, carry out a constant analysis of the responses of the audience.

Another key strategy for this type of campaign is to give away brand products or services during the campaign so that you can show it to your followers. This is a subtle way to get into the minds of the followers and show the qualities of the products.


Campaigns with influencers have to have a pre-established date of when the campaign will start and when it will end. One of the key strategies for any marketing action is to analyze the results obtained in the campaign; This will help us to know if the influencers we have selected fit well with the campaign for future collaborations.

In the same way that the results are analyzed, it will also be necessary to analyze which audience has best connected with the campaign, through the responses that users give in influencer publications to determine which target we should target with our products.


When measuring the effectiveness of any marketing strategy it is essential to know what tools to use. These are some of the tools that will help you with the measurement of your influencer marketing :

A URL shortener is a social media and digital marketing tool that allows you to process a URL and get a shorter version of the same link.

Bitly is a free service with which to shorten long URLs. It is a service that allows us to make the URLs that we share on Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms smaller. It is one of the best tools for social networks , since it helps to save space in each publication, in addition to making each post more aesthetic.



It is the creator of Google URLs, and a fundamental tool if we want to measure the effectiveness of any marketing campaign that we carry out. Thanks to URL Builder we can track the URL that the influencer is going to promote through Google Analytics, classifying it according to the source of the campaign or the medium in which the action is going to be carried out. Also, if we already have an account created in bitly, we can link it during the process and thus shorten the resulting URL.

Next, we will list the elements that will appear during the URL construction process:

Campaign medium: in this section we indicate the type of recruitment medium in which we have advertised (for example: banner , email, cpc, cpi …)
Origin of the campaign: it is intended to store who is campaigning for us. We can also include here the name of the portal where we are going to publish, the campaign system or the affiliation network.
Campaign term: this parameter is intended for keyword campaigns (SEM) and this section is where we can indicate our keywords . On the other hand, it can also be used as a segmentation measure and indicate the word that identifies the different targets .
Campaign name: here we can indicate the name of the product for which we are targeting the campaign. It is the real name that we give to the whole campaign that we are doing.
Campaign content: auxiliary field where you can write aspects that differentiate different versions of the same ad.


It is an indispensable tool to measure actions with influencers . With Google Analytics, you can track the campaign before, during and after the action to determine how the indicators and the campaign evolve over time, especially if we have enabled campaign URLs, as we have previously explained.

If your campaign includes a hashtag and you want to measure the performance, impact and reach that is being achieved on Instagram and Twitter , one of the best solutions on the market is Keyhole : it allows you to measure all the publications that include a hashtag , keywords, accounts and mentions. who want to track in real time. Some of the metrics it provides are:

Number of posts for a given hashtag
Number of users who are using it
Potential reach of the hashtag
Number of prints
Influencers who are using that hashtag
Geographic location
Demographic data


Having seen how to find influencers to collaborate with in campaigns and how to measure these campaigns, we want to show you some platforms where to start launching campaigns with influencers .


Social Publi is a platform that connects companies with people with certain notoriety on Instagram ( mostly microinfluencers ). Through this platform, companies launch campaigns through social profiles of people who have a large number of followers, which allows them to spread their campaigns at an affordable price and target it to a specific target audience.

Social Publi is the perfect solution both for companies looking to reach a certain audience and for people who want to earn money in this way through the monetization of social networks.


The first thing we must do if we want to create a campaign with influencer and micro infuencer Instagram is to create an advertiser account in Publisuite and follow these steps:

Selection of influencer : In the Instagram panel, within the Influencers section , we will find all the available filters to search for the person who best suits the campaign we want to launch.
Once the filters have been made, a list of all the instagramers that meet the requirements that we have marked will appear to be able to add them to the campaign. The minimum budget for this type of actions is € 10.

Once the influencers are selected , we can start to “Create campaign”.

2. Configure campaign: At this point we must communicate what it is, as well as the details that may be of interest to influencers so that the publication has good results. This will be the briefing or document that the influencers receive , so the more complete the better. Next, we will detail each field so that you know what to put in each case:

Campaign name: you can modify the name that is given by default so that you know what campaign it is. This comes in handy when you have more campaigns, to locate it quickly.
Description of the campaign: this is where you should provide as much information as possible to the influencer so that he knows what the campaign is about and the objectives you intend to achieve with its publication.
Hashtags to use: indicate the hashtags to include in the publication.
Labels or mentions: if you want your brand to be labeled in the photo or any other person, you must include the username on social networks here.
Example of publication: Here you can include a model text or an example of how you want the publication to be, so that the influencer has as a reference what you want to transmit.
Images for publication: A maximum of 5 images can be uploaded for the influencer to choose the one that best suits their profile.


With this article on how to create and manage campaigns with influencers, we hope to have made it clearer to you how to start using these marketing tools, so that you can include them in your company’s action plan.