Selected Birthstones for Aries with Meaning

In selection of a birthstone for Aries, one must abide by the legends of the zodiac sign and the chosen stone. It brings signs of peace in the life of owners of Aries birthstone. When this level of transformation is achieved, the stone will radiate energy for that individual.

Aries owns powerful legends of being energetic and foolhardy. Naturally these people are famous for leadership qualities. No doubt, they possess native qualities of team management and they set high goals for their teams and finally achieve them by exerting their all God gifted qualities. They can’t sit idle and in their professional life they always easily achieve unheard success. There is more than one Aries birthstones with their stunning colors that are step by step explained below.

In Hindu astrology, Jasper gemstone is well known stone for the Aries. It’s traits are also matching with the planet that is dedicated to it that is Mars, a planet ruling over the concerned zodiac.

It’s astonishing attribute is to keep the both energies that are optimistic and pessimistic in balance. It also assists the Aries to soften the temperament that is avid and spontaneous. This gemstone naturally occurs in white, yellow, red or green colors.

  • Bloodstone

It is also one of the Aries Birthstones but according to the calendar of ancient Indian, Roman and Arabic, it is March gemstone. This stone radiates more energy and potential to the owners to display bravery on very challenging situation where an ordinary person can’t survive. Its color has matching look with the blood stains and often pronounced as heliotrope. 

  • Red Jasper 

According to zodiac classification it is enlisted in the Aries Birthstone with matching color with ordinary Jasper. Further, its attributes appear same.

  • Diamond

It is real Aries Birthstone and is one of the four precious stones namely Emerald, ruby and Peal. It is highly valued stone that is used for personal adornment as well as for transformation of mystical traits in the wearers.

Diamond is associated with those individuals that have date of birth in the month of March and April. It is an allotrope of carbon and one of the hardest stone in the world. It is used for beautification and for commercial purposes. In industry there is no alternative of it in polishing and cutting. Further it is the best source to prepare scientific instruments.

The white color diamonds are graded from D to F. These diamonds are with fewer impurities and have high market value. But the diamonds that have grade Z are dark yellowish color. 

This gemstone is selected for the 60th marriage anniversary. Moreover, in elite class it is preferred to use the diamond jewelry on the occasions of engagement and wedding. It prominent colors are white, green, red, purple back and pink. But the one that is liked the most is white diamond or colorless diamond.

Diamond is pure mineral stone that exists in depth of 900 km beneath the earth but with the volcanic eruption, the stones come very close to the earth. 

The formation of diamond is at very high temperature and pressure. Because of this natural phenomena, a little bit material of neighboring rocks is mixed in the diamond. This mixing material is named as impurity. If such impurities penetrate into the inner surface of the crystal, it is named as inclusion and on other hand if impurities rest permanently on the surface of the crystal, such impurities are known as blemishes. 

In 5000 Aries birthstone, it is very rare chance of 1 flawless diamonds. There are jewelers in the world that have not seen pure colorless diamond in their all life.

Diamond always sparkles and this sparking attributes is due to the Cut that is applied on the diamond. For higher sparkling of the stone deep cut is applied as less amount of light is wasted but in shallow cut some light is not reflected in a way that can make the diamond glitter more.

Diamonds are the physical quantities that have weight that is measure in unit Carat with very sensitive digital balance. Keep in mind that weight and size of the diamond are two different measuring factors of the stone.

Market value of the diamond also depends on the clarity factor of the Aries Birthstone. A stone free from inclusion and blemishes has high clarity attribute.

Today diamonds are also created in laboratories that are cheaper than the mineral diamonds and also have comparatively less glittering ability to sparkle.

  • Topaz

It is also Aries birthstone. The Aries that use this stone are extraordinary intelligent and are the owner of supernatural qualities. This stone protects the wears from dangers and also delivers an optical energy for the eyes to save them eye diseases. This stone is discovered in yellow color.

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