If you are a huge fan of anime and you have spent countless hours viewing it in DVD’s and Blu-ray releases, then you will love to know that you can now watch your favorite animations in the comfort of your own home with the use of Anime Sites. Animefreak is a Japanese cartoon drawing that originated from the late 19th century that has been relaunched time again. The art of Animefreak was created by Japanese sculptors and animation experts. It tells a story of a fantasy world called the ‘Land of Anime’ where people live in harmony with nature.

AnimeFreak is a visual treat for anyone who loves animation and Mythology. You can visit these sites from the comfort of your own home. These sites are like the world’s largest databases of Anime pictures, animations, photographs and more. They not only contain Anime movies but they also have extensive information on the history of Anime production. If you are an Anime fan like myself, then you can join any of the sites.

Anime Freaks is one of the oldest and largest Anime sites. This site features Anime pictures, movies and rare footage of Anime artists. Anime Freaks site is dedicated to Anime and all things related to it. This site features Anime video games, cartoons, movies, TV series and much more. As you browse around the site you will be amazed at the high quality images and animation on this site.

Animefreak Forum is another great site. This is a huge community dedicated to Anime fans and artists. You can even ask questions about things that you are confused about. It’s easy to register and make friends here like in other sites. The forum has good content and you can always leave feedback on different items you like.

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Another must visit site is AnimeCafe. AnimeCafe is a site where you can find free animation downloads for your computer. There is a big archive of Anime pictures and animation. What is unique on AnimeCafe is the section dedicated to reviews of the latest releases of Anime movies. This site also features discussion boards for fans to talk with each other.

My Anime Addicts is another favorite Anime site. This site features the latest news of animes industry. I love this site because they give new updates on some of my favorite shows and movies. They feature reviews and also they feature new movies releases. The only bad thing about My Anime Addicts is the pictures, they are so small.

The last two on the list are Anime Studio and Aniarts. Anime Studio is a site dedicated to the creation of animation series for TV and DVD. If you love animation then this is the site for you.

Anime sites are great to visit, and look at. If you like anime so much you should sign up for the best sites and find the ones that you like the most. If you are still unsure which one to choose, check out all three sites listed above and see which site you like the best. Don’t worry, it will all be fun. Enjoy your time browsing at these sites.

The third site to check out is Anime Studio. These sites are dedicated to bringing you the newest in animations. When I was just starting out, the top site I would visit was Anime Freaks. Now that I am more experienced with choosing which anime I want to watch, I choose the sites that have the best manga and cartoon releases. Anime Studio is the perfect place for someone just getting started with Anime, or someone who likes their favorite anime series but doesn’t want to wait for the next season.

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The last site I will tell you about is Anime-Luv. This site features new releases, news, and reviews on your favorite anime characters. If you love Naruto, Evangelion, Bleach, Ghibli, Little Witch Eva, or any other animated cartoon or movie character, you will probably love this site. Anime-Luv is a great place to go if you enjoy Anime fanart, and other things centered around your favorite characters.

If you want to find the best animes sites online, do a search on any of the above sites and find the ones you like the best. If you are into Anime more than you love manga, check out Anime Basement. You can also find forums for your favorite anime characters, anime fans, and even voice actors. The possibilities are endless and if you don’t find what you want, just keep on looking until you find it!