Losing control of finances can be easy if you don’t keep track of your spending on a daily basis. Having a help for this on your mobile is a great idea. Learn here which are the best applications to improve your personal finances .

To facilitate the process of money in your life, there are tools that can guide you on how you should use your salary correctly. With an App, you can plan and track your finances and turn financial control into a habit that can benefit your pocket.

The 8 best applications to improve your personal finances

Apps to improve your personal finances

Many people use spreadsheets or even a notebook to keep their accounts on time. But having an application handy and writing down every expense can be even more advantageous.

Look at the best applications for you to have control of your personal finances:

1. Wallet

Wallet in its free version, this application allows you to make a very detailed analysis of how you have used your money. This app even lets you budget , set goals, track expenses, and get different types of reports. You can download it for both the Android and iOS operating systems.

2. Tosh

Toshl is one of the best applications to improve your personal finances, it offers you good features to control your finances and your budget . This App has the differential of being able to control the Bitcoin wallet in the system itself, in addition to synchronizing with accounts such as PayPal.

You can use different currencies in the app, which can help you control your money during international travel. It is available for Android and iOS.

3. Money Lover

The Money Lover app offers the best basic features for those who want to budget for their personal finances. It offers functions such as accounts payable reminder and cloud synchronization of entered data.

In addition, it has a « travel mode » , which allows you to control spending in other currencies while traveling. To download, select your operating system: Android / iOS.

4. My savings (Minhas Economias)

The my savings App can help you plan your financial routine. This to improve your situation or to make your dreams come true, preparing budgets and objectives through the application.

In addition to helping you make each decision, the application shows you how your bank account may look in the coming days . It also reminds you of the bills you have to pay each day. It can be downloaded for both Android and iOS.

5. Pocket Guide (Handbag Guide)

This App is very complete, it is one of the best applications to improve your free personal finances that exist. It is connected to the bank statement. This means that financial control is carried out in real time, without having to fill in each expense.

It is enough to register the bank account or the cards to have each one of the expenses well organized . In addition, you can receive a report that tells you how you are doing compared to expenses.

This app also calculates all the goals you want, including how much you need to save to reach a certain goal. It is available for both Android and iOS systems.

6. Mobiles

In Mobills you can add your expenses for the month and see graphs, reports and personalized objectives , with an easily accessible and well presented interface. One of the advantages is being able to store data in the cloud. This allows access on any device with data always in sync.

The platform also offers other advantages, such as downloading printable reports, calculating rates and percentages, and even knowing which fuel is best for your car!

Mobills, in addition to being an application, is also available through the web for those who prefer to check their finances through a laptop or PC. Dispabile on Android and iOS systems.


This application is completely free to control expenses. With it, you can add amounts and get graphs that help you have an overview of your finances.

Wisecash has a very easy to use interface and can be very useful for those who are taking their first steps in personal financial control. The app is only available for Android.

8. Get organized (Organizze)

This application allows you to obtain financial organization reports and create accounts payable alerts. In its paid version, you can connect to different bank accounts and cards for even more control.

How to keep personal finances organized?

In our routine, we make different decisions that involve our money. The less organized we are, the greater the possibility of spending money without thinking .

When this happens, we end up compromising our salary with debts or even end the month with almost no money. Some people even turn to credit cards, which further aggravates the situation.

To keep our finances in order, we must keep track of every money out of our account. For this, it is important to make the output streams visible through an app, for example.

Observing each of the expenses you make in your day, you will be able to see where you can save. In addition to creating a healthier habit for your financial health.

The next step is to start thinking about a budget for your income , defining how you should spend each penny during the month. If you prefer, you can choose to use a computer spreadsheet to organize your personal cash flow.

Finally, with well-defined control, it will be possible to start planning a savings account. In this way, you can create an emergency fund, save money to invest and even make your dreams come true.