Advantages of sending bulk SMS for companies

sending bulk SMS

The ‘massive’ concept carries a negative connotation that, at first, leads us to rejection as users and as professionals and business owners. However, today I want to talk to you about bulk SMS, and soon you will understand why.

A very common topic that haunts the minds of entrepreneurs and CEOs is knowing what  email marketing tools they should use to give visibility to their businesses and companies. And that’s fine, but… do we stop to think about the benefits of sending bulk SMS as a marketing strategy?

Why send bulk SMS messages?

There are many advantages of SMS marketing that, although at first glance they may be obvious, we do not usually take into account when evaluating options.

Let’s see them!

offline accessibility

First of all, consider that sending bulk SMS does not require an internet connection. Although the mobile phone that does not have access to mobile data to be always connected is already rare, using a system that does not need it at all is a full advantage.

Direct impact action

Remember those years when we didn’t have unlimited calls and sends, and to communicate by text message we had to count characters to summarize what we wanted to say in the smallest possible space.

On a commercial level, the SMS format is really succulent, since it is not only quick to read by its receiver, but also has high opening rates. Who doesn’t open an SMS when they receive the pop-up notification on their smartphone?

customization options

In addition to being able to personalize the name of the sender, something that we can already do with our messages through email or chatbots on social networks, we can also use an application for sending mass SMS that allows us to include links and emoticons.

deprecated channel

Finally, as strange as this may sound like an ‘advantage’ in itself, sending SMS in Spain (and in most countries) has fallen into disuse in recent years. Therefore, it has become a channel 100% aimed at marketing.

On the other hand, it could be said that it is not a very exploited channel in terms of campaigns, because although email marketing is an option that we know very well, we do not think so much about combining it with sending mass SMS.

Without a doubt, a smart choice!

How should you send mass SMS?

Finally, I cannot recommend you to carry out an action in your business or company without clarifying that, as in any strategy, for it to work you have to do things well. Otherwise, you could be called a spammer (and you don’t want that).

Therefore, sending bulk SMS or bulk SMS messages implies:

  • Request the pertinent permission to be able to make this type of mass sending by SMS.
  • Segment shipments to potential customers with real interest in your communications.
  • Do not abuse the frequency of sending, especially for offers and promotions.
  • Write the SMS with the right information to inform without being intrusive.
  • Perform frequent updates of the customer database.
  • Use an effective mass SMS sending application (such as Acumbamail).

And so far this post on the advantages of sending bulk SMS, as well as some recommendations to avoid carrying out an intrusive marketing strategy. Or do you know someone who likes to receive unsolicited business information?