If you’re looking for an easy workout, look no further because there are eight easy workouts for students that can help improve your health, build muscle and burn fat. Of course you want to do these exercises in the correct manner. In other words, the way that you execute them plays a crucial part in achieving your goals. You need to follow these instructions carefully to avoid injury.

The first exercise is known as butterfly pose.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and then bend your knees. Bring your chest towards your groin and push your lower back into the floor. Make sure your heels stay on the floor at all times.

Next, lie down and place your palms on your stomach. Then relax your entire body by tilting your head backwards and pulling up your shoulders. While keeping your upper body straight, inhale and exhale at the same time; this will stretch your diaphragm and work your chest muscles. Hold this position for five breaths.

The next exercise is called supported headstand;

it is also known as cross lean. Begin in a standing position. Keep your arms along your sides and lean forward until your body starts to dip down. This will stretch your quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes; hold this position for five breaths.

Another great workout to stretch and strengthen your body is yoga.

Yoga positions strengthen the core, back and abdominals; these muscles help to keep your spine and legs in tiptop shape. A good yoga workout to stretch your quads is known as the captain’s chair. Simply lie on your back and lift your legs straight up off the floor until they are pointing straight up toward your shoulders; hold this position for five breaths.

Now that you have a few workouts under your belt it is time to get started eating the right foods. Your diet should consist of lots of protein; this will help to build muscle tissue and give your body the energy it needs. Eat plenty of healthy fruits and vegetables as well as nuts and seeds. If you don’t like nuts or seeds then make sure you get plenty of nuts and fruit as part of your diet. Stay away from sugary foods; if you feel like a sweets treat, try to find something with less sugar.

Now that you are ready to start performing these exercises it is important that you warm up and stretch before starting the actual workout. It is important that you don’t over warm yourself which will slow you down; this can also cause pain. You also want to make sure you stretch properly; this will prevent muscle injuries.

By performing the exercises correctly you will notice that your muscles become stronger. The harder you exercise the more muscle groups will grow. With repetition your muscles will get bigger and stronger. You don’t have to spend hours in the gym to see results. Just by performing the exercises on a daily basis you can see improved results; it may not be fast enough to see a dramatic increase but it will get you started in the right direction.

In addition to warming up and stretching before each exercise you should also cool down after each one. Your muscles need to be properly limber for these 8 easy workouts. Before starting any exercise it is recommended that you stretch out your muscles completely. By doing this you won’t injure your muscles during your workout.

Once you warm down you should focus on cooling down. This should take no more than a few seconds and you need to make sure you don’t strain your body any further. As soon as you finish your exercise rest will be the last thing on your mind. Make sure you give your body a chance to recover before you start the next one. You need to make sure your body is prepared to exercise and not strain it any further than necessary. You can over work your muscles but they just won’t grow unless you get them into a resting state.

It takes a little time to build strong muscles so don’t expect to see results overnight. You will notice a difference in your body within a week. If you are consistent with your routine you will see results quicker than you would without following a routine. Stay motivated and you will be seeing results in no time at all.